Leader Dog Culture

Cultural fit is one of the most important criteria for hiring. Our organizational culture is characterized by the attitudes, practices, beliefs and values of our entire organization and is closely tied to our mission and programs. The over 1,000 team members, Board members and volunteers who are committed to the advancement of our mission all have one attribute in common—passion.

"Doing what is right" drives every decision and is a core value. Beyond our open-door policy where team members have access to senior management, you will find our work environment to be customer driven, professional, collaborative, informal and team focused. Although we are all hard at work supporting our mission, we also work hard to provide a healthy work-life balance for our team.

Life Events Committee

Team members of this committee are responsible for acknowledging marriages, births, funerals and severe illnesses amongst the team by sending cards, gifts and flowers as deemed appropriate.

Photo of four female Leader Dog team members leaning over a table on which they are building a gingerbread house. In the background, more tables and team members can be seen

Party Planning Committee

This is Leader Dog’s largest committee and is responsible for planning several very fun and creative parties throughout the year, including the annual summer picnic, for all of our team members to enjoy.

Team Member Recognition Committee

This committee provides recognition for Leader Dog team members through organizing the Top Dog award (equivalent to an employee of the year award), Super Dog awards (bi-monthly peer-to-peer awards), as well as recognizing retirements, acknowledging and honoring team members achieving milestones of longevity, and introducing new team members at every All Team meeting.

Wellness Committee

Wellness initiatives like "Massage Day," bowling, blood drives and weekly bike rides are just a few of the events the wellness committee supports.