Lions and the Canine Development Center

Thank you for helping us reach our goal—together!

A yellow Labrador in the leather Leader Dog harness faces the camera with his mouth open. Next to him are large words in all caps saying thank you

It is because of you...

Seventy-five years ago, three Lions and a few Lions Clubs came together to establish an organization to train guide dogs for people who are blind. They were committed to empowering people with lifelong skills for independent travel through quality Leader Dogs. And it is because of Lions and their continued belief in our mission that we have been able to help change the lives of thousands of people who live in darkness for the past 76 years.

Lions come together for Leader Dog like no other group and the Campaign for the Canine Development Center is no exception. Lions raised $2,434,496 of the $14.5 million goal for the campaign. Over 1700 clubs, 174 districts and countless individual Lions donated.

A special thank you goes to Lions Clubs International Foundation for matching contributions from Lions District 11- A2, District 11-D1 and from the Lafayette, Monon and Rossville Area Lions Club. We also appreciate the support of Lions District 25-G and the Lions-Anthem Foundation Healthy Heroes grant. These Lions Clubs International Foundation grants totaled over $227,000 for the Canine Development Center.

Lions Recognition Programs

Lions are giving to the campaign in a number of ways, such as those listed below!

Partners in Empowerment

Recognition at each level includes name placement on the Leader Dog Partners in Empowerment Donor Wall in the Canine Development Center, an additional naming opportunity within the facility and other special benefits. Naming opportunities start at $7,500. See the Lead Clubs.

75th Anniversary Society

Offers per-member recognition for Lions Clubs that participate in the campaign. This allows clubs of all sizes to be recognized equivalently.

Recognition at each level includes a customized banner patch and prominent recognition on the 75th Anniversary Society Donor Wall in the Canine Development Center.

1939 Community

Honors the attributes of our three Lions founders and individual Lions donating to the campaign. Recognition at each level includes a 1939 Community pin and recognition in the Canine Development Center. Many clubs are making pledge commitments, payable in 3 or 5 years in order to maintain their annual giving amounts.

For more information, please contact Lions Campaign Manager Mike Dengate at or by phone at 888-777-5332.