Terminal Illness

If your Leader Dog is diagnosed with a terminal illness, finding the answers to the following questions can help you make an informed decision regarding its health and well-being:

  • What is the expected progression of the illness both with and without treatment?
  • Will the condition cause my dog pain?
  • Will I need to make adjustments in my dog’s lifestyle (work/exercise restrictions, dietary changes, sleep area modifications, etc.)?
  • Are treatments available to extend my dog’s life, keep it comfortable or maximize its quality of life?
  • Do I want to pursue further diagnostics or aggressive treatments? Am I able to provide hospice services in my home? If not, would I consider taking my dog to a veterinarian who provides such services?
  • What sign should I be looking for to indicate that my dog’s condition is about to deteriorate?
  • Are there grief resources available in my area?