Lap of Love: Veterinary Hospice and In-Home Euthanasia

Hospice care provides a bridge between a terminal condition and the peaceful passing of your dog. Many things can be done at home to allow you the most time with your dog while keeping it comfortable.

Hospice services include in-home consultation, pain recognition and management, management of nutrition, fluid therapy, wound care, information on what to expect for the end-of-life process and preparation for the end-of-life process.

The right time to consider hospice services differs for each situation. However, there are specific changes to look for in your dog to help you decide if hospice should be considered. Look for changes in appetite or thirst, decreased interested in playing, inability to stand or move on without assistance, incontinence or change of attitude (depressed, aggressive or confused).

In-home euthanasia services include in-home consultation, heavy sedation, peaceful euthanasia, memorial item (clay paw print), information on dog loss, assistance with cremation if elected and follow-up consultation.

The decision to euthanize a dog is one of the most difficult choices you will be faced with during your dog’s lifetime. In-home euthanasia allows people to express their feelings more freely and makes the experience more comfortable for both the dog and the owner(s).

Although there may not be any more curative medical therapies available, sometimes all you want is time. Time to think, time with your dog and time to come to terms with the inevitable loss of your beloved dog.

Lap of Love is dedicated to extending your time with your dog and allowing your final moments together to be spent in comfort. At home, you can grieve in private and you can be assured that your dog is in his or her most comfortable environment.

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