Veterinary Resources

Leader Dog’s veterinary team has worked hard to keep your dog healthy from birth through the day it traveled home with you. Your first point of contact for help and advice should be your local veterinarian. However, if you or your local veterinarian would like to contact us with questions or concerns, we are happy to answer any questions during regular business hours.

Answers to several common questions we receive from our clients are listed below.

How can I prevent fleas on my dog?

We use and recommend Frontline Plus on our dogs for flea and tick prevention. This is available for purchase from the veterinary clinic. Over the counter products purchased at the grocery store or pet store may not have the same ingredients and therefore will not have the same efficacy or safety as the products obtained from a veterinary office. Your local veterinarian may have different recommendations based on what their experience tells them works best in your area. Please follow their advice.

My dog has diarrhea or has been vomiting. What should I do?

Please call your local veterinarian or our veterinary clinic for further instructions. Our treatment for your dog depends on the dog’s age, the severity of symptoms and the dog’s physical condition. We need more information before we can prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

Veterinarian Introduction Letter (Download Doc)

Veterinarian Questionnaire (Download Doc)