Summer Experience Camp

  • Summer Experience Camp is a residential program for 16 and 17 year olds headed by our team of certified orientation and mobility specialists.
  • Campers stay at our beautiful campus in Rochester Hills, Michigan and enjoy day trips in the surrounding area.
  • Our facility includes a dining room, large screen television room, music room, library with accessible books and movies, outdoor pavilion and 24/7 Leader Dog staff. Each camper’s private room is complete with a bathroom, television, telephone, Internet access and mini refrigerator.
  • All Summer Experience Camp attendees receive a free GPS device and instruction in how to use it. Training is done in a group setting and contains very little classroom time.
  • Campers practice using GPS as they complete many fun activities including tandem biking, kayaking and socializing with other campers.
  • Campers have the opportunity to experience working with a Leader Dog. Each camper will be paired with a trained, friendly Leader Dog who will become his or her partner several days of camp.
  • All Leader Dog programs, including Summer Experience Camp, are offered free of charge. Leader Dog pays for all costs associated with the program including travel to and from Leader Dog, the Trekker Breeze GPS device, housing, meals, activities and related training.