Guidelines for District Leader Dog Chairs

These guidelines are provided to assist Leader Dog Chairs and Lions in leadership positions to better understand the responsibilities and expectations of a Leader Dog Chair.

What is the purpose of the Leader Dog Chair?

To raise awareness of and promote Leader Dogs for the Blind programs.

To whom does the Leader Dog Chair report?

The Leader Dog Chair is directly responsible to the person who has appointed him or her, e.g. the District Governor, Council Chair or Multi-District Leader Dog Chair, etc.

What are the goals of the Leader Dog Chair?

  • To educate Lions in his/her District about all Leader Dog programs, including Guide Dog Training, Accelerated Orientation and Mobility Training (“white cane” training), the Summer Experience Camp for teens and the groundbreaking GPS Technology.
  • To keep Lions in his/her District aware of the need for funds to operate Leader Dog programs.
  • To inform Lions in his/her District about new developments at Leader Dog.
  • To offer Leader Dog services to individuals who are blind or visually impaired in his/her District.
  • To keep Leader Dog aware of local activities being held on its behalf so that the Lions may support the activity if possible.

How does a Leader Dog Chair accomplish these goals?

  • The Leader Dog Chair will contact each club in his/her district during the Lion year and offer to give a Leader Dog presentation. Usually, programs consist of a 10-20 minute presentation about Leader Dog using DVDs, PowerPoint presentations or other materials, followed by time for questions from the audience.
  • The Leader Dog Chair represents Leader Dog at the District convention by arranging for a booth and, if possible, a speaker or breakout session to educate those attending about Leader Dog’s services.
  • An inexpensive Leader Dog table top display can be created by using a corrugated “winged” display (available at office supply stores). Panels for the display are available on the Fundraising Toolkit section of our web site. The display may be personalized by downloading pictures and other information from the Leader Dog website.
  • Local Leader Dog graduates or puppy raisers are often willing to accompany District Chairs on club visits to talk about their experiences, or may help staff the booth at District conventions. To request a speaker via the form at the bottom of this page.
  • There are various Leader Dog awards available as a way of encouraging club donations. A banner patch is given to clubs contributing $100 or more in a year. The 100% District award is given to the District Governor and Leader Dog Chair when every club in the district gives a donation to Leader Dog in a Lions year. Various other recognition opportunities are available.
  • Leader Dog Chairs contact local and Lions media (newsletters, websites, etc.) to promote the program. Materials are available, including DVDs, brochures, the Update newsletter, The Mane Event newsletter and other information from Leader Dog. There are also items such as newsletter ads that may be downloaded from our website.
  • Many Leader Dog Chairs also take advantage of local celebrations, fairs, White Cane Days, etc. to set up a booth with Leader Dog material to educate the public about the organization’s programs.

Available Support and Materials