Issue 1 - 2012

Articles from Issue 1 - 2012

Message from the President

Vision for the Future

Alum Spotlight

My First Adventures with Lacey

Alumni Letters

Letters from Jean Menzies, Geri Taekens, Joseph R. Mahoney and Gabriel Salinas Alvarez

Conquering College and Work

Leader Dog at Her Side

Mission Moment

Earl Dickey and his 1st Leader Dog, Abel

2011 - The Year in Review

A Summary of Leader Dog Activities in 2011

A Life of Service

But Not as a Leader Dog

Future Leader Dogs Around Town

Transforming Puppies into Partners

Legacy Society

You Are Invited to Join Leader Dog's Legacy Society

A Love Story I'd Like to Tell

By Mary Spaulding

Double the Impact of Your Donation

Matching Gift Programs

Stay Connected with Us

Find Us on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr

Lions Support Location Technology

Helping Put GPS into Clients' Hands

Corevette's America

A Large Show with a Large Heart

Leader Dog Around the World

Celebrating 20 Years of Lead In

Circle of Life

News About Our Canine Partners

Recent Graduates

Classes 12-05 and 12-06

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