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Transforming Puppies into Partners

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Suzanne and Jet

Future Leader Dog Meets Future Client
By Puppy Raiser Suzanne Ramos

Future Leader Dog Jet and I had an awesome experience while visiting our local Kmart. We were standing in line behind two ladies and a young boy. I didn't notice that the boy had a cane until his mom pointed to Jet and said, "When you're 16, you can get one of those." The boy came over to meet Jet and we had a great talk about Leader Dogs, adaptive software and puppies of all kinds. I told him that when he was ready, somebody like me would be raising a puppy just for him. Jet sneaked him a kiss. The boy giggled and was smiling ear to ear. His mom thanked us for giving her son the opportunity to meet a Future Leader Dog up close and personal. But the honor was all ours.

When people ask me how I can give Jet up, I now share this story and they understand. It's not that I love him less, but that I love him more for the gift I hope he will someday share.

Going Where No Dog Has Gone Before

Puppy Raiser Therese Wheaton with
FLD Bennett toured the USS Requin
at the Carnegie Science Center in
Pittsburgh. The tour guide said that
Bennett was the only dog he ever
remembered seeing on the submarine.

One of the most important things that puppy raisers do for our Future Leader Dogs is to let them experience a variety of situations and environments. Many take their puppies into stores, churches, schools, sporting arenas, movie theatres—just about everywhere. But Future Leader Dog Bennett may be the first to experience a submarine!