Lucy's Story Continues

By Puppy Raisers Melody and Jon Rutschow

Published in: Update - Issue 1 - 2015 »   
Yellow lab sitting outside on grass on a sunny day

We raised Lucy for Leader Dog—falling in love with her intelligence, boundless energy and strong desire to please, serve and love. We were excited when Lucy went on to guide Elaine, a Leader Dog client.

After nearly seven years of service, Lucy retired as a Leader Dog only to begin a new career as a therapy dog for the Eaton County Youth Facility in Charlotte, Michigan.

Some of Lucy’s duties as a county employee (she even wears a badge) include attending family sessions, court hearings and Veteran’s Court (helping those dealing with PTSD) where she provides calm and comfort. She also visits classrooms, libraries and even goes on mail runs!

Lucy is known and loved by all. Although the entire staff is responsible for Lucy’s care, she spends much of her time with Facility Director Karen Gonser, who says, “Lucy is amazing with the kids. She knows when they’re feeling sad or anxious and takes the initiative to be right alongside them when needed.”

In August 2014, we had the privilege of visiting Lucy and touring her new home. The Eaton County Youth Facility has given Lucy the opportunity to continue to serve and to welcome many new loving family members.