Recent Graduates

Classes 16-03, 16-04 and 16-05

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NOTE: GDMI stands for Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

You can view pictures of these graduates on our Flickr page.

Class 16-03

GDMI Jill Vani:

  • Burrell Kolonich and Baxter, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Emily Wallace)
  • Paola Gallegos and Stella, black lab (puppy raiser: Laura Genise)
  • Michael O’Dette and Andie, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Chippewa Correctional Facility)

GDMI Carrie Pryce:

  • Luis Lira Lopez and Dominique, black lab (puppy raiser: James Schultz)
  • Noelia Torres de Manzano and Sophia, black lab (puppy raiser: Gary Winnett)
  • Laida Alvarado Juarez and Gigi, black lab (puppy raiser: Cathleen Gilleran)
  • Mario Mendez Reyes and Astro, black lab (puppy raiser: Matthew Ashby)

GDMI Denise Atler:

  • Dwayne Rudd and Olive, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Rosemary Edds)
  • Daniel Lynam and Daisy, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Donna Barnett)
  • Jeff Slade and Hawk Eye (was Swanee), black lab (puppy raiser: Jeremy Mask)

GDMI Randy Horn:

  • James Janisch and Harwell, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Laura Fisher)
  • Lois Fisher and Dinah, black lab (puppy raiser: Jennifer Ulm)
  • Linda McLane and Apollo, golden retriever (puppy raiser: G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility)
  • Betty Maass and Maggie, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Elena Boxey)

Apprentice GDMI Tina Goedetier:

  • Diane Brown and Charlie, black lab (puppy raiser: Michael Runyan)
  • Barbara Gessler and Tessa, black lab (puppy raisers: Brian and Darlene Conroy)
  • Kenneth Borchardt and Winston, black lab (puppy raiser: James Merical)
  • Emily Wolfe and Kedzie, black lab (puppy raiser: Kathleen Pizzolato)

Home deliveries:

  • Michael Brown and Farley, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Baraga Correctional Facility)
  • Stacey Miller and Dixie, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Mary Spaulding)

Class 16-04

Apprentice GDMI Lauren Brady:

  • Norman Greene and Darcy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Lucy Goeke)
  • John McDonald and Dempsey, lab/golden retriever (puppy raisers: Jane and Paul Catlin)
  • Theresa Treadway and Skipper, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Melinda Ogburn)
  • Pauline Ulrey and Satch, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Alaina Rudin)

GDMI Catherine Martin:

  • Karen Moses and Kelly, black lab (puppy raisers: Judy and Keith Thess)
  • Gary Hart and Teddy, black lab (puppy raiser: Lori Althouse)
  • Paula Mills and JuJu, black lab (puppy raiser: Patrick McAmis)

GDMI Debbie Komondy:

  • Ana Pena Avila and Sparkle, black lab (puppy raiser: Richard Kennedy)
  • Antonio Castellanos Montalvo and Seeley, lab/golden retriever (puppy raisers: Shelley Strobel-Erhardt and Ed Erhardt)
  • Primitivo Vidal Franco and Phoenix, black lab (puppy raisers: Tina and Sarah Wozniak)

Home deliveries:

  • Sean Tomello and Rookie, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Pam and Gary Pastiva)
  • Amy Rhoads and Cammi, black lab (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)
  • Jana Ayers and Luna, black lab (puppy raiser: Trae Nelson)

Class 16-05

GDMI Dave Meyer:

  • Daniel Wolak and Henry, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Patti Brehler)
  • Deborah Barrowcliff and Ivy Green, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Sandy Griffin)
  • Roger Rowe and Maverick, black lab (puppy raiser: Noel Houghton)
  • Alan Schroeder and Kali, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Gay Gloss)

GDMI Katie Wattles:

  • Kevin Turnbaugh and Harpo, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Laura Fisher)
  • Mark Gooden and Ralphie, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Jennifer Tancraitor)
  • James McGuire and Otto, black lab (puppy raiser: Minnesota Correctional Facility – Lino Lakes)

Home deliveries:

  • Kenny VanDerbur and Dylan, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)
  • Traci Jones and Jessie, black lab (puppy raiser: Pam Stamm)
  • Alden Kirschner and Bennett, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Travis Fagen)
  • Bryan Grubb and Dozer, black lab (puppy raiser: Matthew Walls)
  • Clara French and Lily, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Rebecca Budd)
  • Frank Coon and Rockie, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)
  • Irene Dionne and Cali, black lab (puppy raiser: Sue Novak)
  • Jerry Manter and Titus, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)