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Leader Dog Mom Angel, shared by
Frank Davis on Leader Dog's Facebook wall.

There's a lot going on at Leader Dogs for the Blind, and our Facebook page is one of the ways we keep you updated about what's happening. We post about fundraisers, events, news about our organization and our clients, photos and videos of people, places and dogs, and much more. We keep in touch with you in many ways—newsletters, our website, emails—but Facebook is our way of sharing our day-to-day news that you can't find anywhere else.

That's not all you can find on our Facebook page though. Leader Dog is more than just our campus in Rochester Hills. It is a huge network of clients, donors, volunteers, Lions and supporters all over the world, and many of them are on Facebook.

Our Facebook page gives you direct access to the thousands of people who are connected to Leader Dog in diverse ways. You can hear stories straight from our clients. Watch our Future Leader Dogs grow as puppy raisers share their progress. Learn about fundraisers happening in your community and how you can get involved. Share your own questions, comments and stories. Connect with the people we serve.

Visit us on Facebook at today to learn more about us and become part of this Leader Dog community.