Message from the President

Hello and Happy Summer

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A tall standing basket with six golden retriever puppies inside looking out

In this issue you'll read wonderful stories about a client who has had many dogs from us and about a couple of very dedicated puppy raisers who are picking up their 50th puppies this year! This type of longevity is truly amazing, and that is what each of you is helping to support.

While there are many worthwhile organizations needing assistance, when you support Leader Dogs for the Blind, you're truly making a difference and leaving a legacy. Whatever support you lend, whether making a donation, volunteering your time or sharing your experience, you help to ensure our continued existence, succession and ability to provide quality Leader Dogs and highly effective instruction to our clients today and well into the future.

Leader Dog Clients Jane King and Sindy Puckett walk on a sidewalk with their Leader Dogs, Scout, a golden retriever, and Sweetie, a black lab

On a daily basis I hear remarkable success stories from our clients, trustees, volunteers, Lions and team members. A common thread throughout these groups is a passion for our mission. They are determined to ensure that these success stories continue and that the important training we provide is available for many generations to come. In addition, as the incidence of blindness continues to rise in the United States, we all need to make sure that our life-changing services will endure long after we are gone.

So, to every one of you, thank you for your continued support. No token or gesture is too small and we appreciate you "taking action" and truly making a difference in the lives of our clients, not only now, but in the years to come!


Susan M. Daniels