Class 14-10

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Introducing Our Most Recent Guide Dog Class

As you read this article, the most recent guide dog class (class 14-10) has just left campus after training for 26 days with their new Leader Dogs. These clients arrived on May 25 and were instructed by Team 4 (Phil Griffin, Randy Horn, Linda Fisher, Sue Hackman, Kathryn Roberts and Tina Vinokurow). These 18 clients accomplished a rigorous schedule empowering them with lifelong skills for independent travel.

Client Ken Whitt walks outside on Leader Dog campus with his black lab Leader Dog guiding him

Name: Kenneth Whitt and Leader Dog Kasey
State: Indiana
Instructor: Linda Fisher

Kasey’s information:
Breed: Black Labrador retriever
Puppy Raiser: Kim Christenson

“Kasey will give me greater mobility so I can travel at night and go through crowds without being paranoid.”

Client Ken Whitt sits on a bench outside and hugs Kasey, who is sitting on the ground in front of him

“Even the smallest donation given has made a major milestone in someone’s life for their independence—and for your gift and compassion—a heartfelt thanks.”

Five instructors sit on a couch facing the camera and smiling

Team 4 Guide Dog Mobility Instructors (GDMIs)
Sue Hackman, Apprentice Tina Vinokurow, Supervisor Phil Griffin, Apprentice Kathryn Roberts and Linda Fisher (not pictured: Randy Horn)

Six clients sit on two couches facing the camera and smiling. Each client has his or her Leader Dog sitting or lying on the floor in front of them

Kenneth Whitt and LD Kasey, black lab (puppy raiser: Kim Christenson); William Sillyman and LD Q, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Mary St. Clair), Francis William Lovett III and LD Tanker, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Ray Ziegler); James Baker and LD Newton, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Debbie Boynton); Ernest Jay Rasmussen and LD Dixie, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Heather McLaughlin); Deborah Barrowcliff and LD Angel, black lab (puppy raiser: Christopher Eddington); not pictured: Sharon Coverstone and LD Winston Churchill (puppy raiser: Mike and Carol Modarski)

Bill Lovett sits on the floor and leans over his yellow lab Leader Dog, Tanker, petting Tanker's head

Name: Francis William Lovett III and Leader Dog Tanker
State: Indiana
Instructor: Kathryn Roberts

Tanker’s information:
Breed: Yellow Labrador retriever
Puppy Raiser: Ray Ziegler

“This place is 110% beautiful and does so much good for people. Leader Dog is the second oldest school, but it’s #1! Tanker will make my life more simple—simpler to get around and I’ll be able to take longer walks and get out more.”

James Baker kneels in the outdoor Leader Dog pavilion with his arms around his yellow lab Leader Dog, Newton

Name: James Russell Baker and Leader Dog Newton
State: New York
Instructor: Kathryn Roberts

Newton’s information:
Breed: Yellow Labrador retriever
Puppy Raiser: Debbie Boynton

“Newton will increase my ability to travel independently and adapt to new environments. He will make travel in big cities and in public easier. Newton will also bridge some social gaps since I don’t look blind.”

Five clients sit on a couch with their Leader Dogs sitting in front of them on the floor. Behind the couch stands their instructor and their interpreter

Meet Our Spanish Clients
(front row): Miguel Angel Martin Castilla and LD Riley, black lab (puppy raiser: Gary Kirchner); Juan Jose Ramos Jerez and LD Essie, black lab (puppy raiser: Jennifer Slivka); Laia Plana Alabau and LD Sklar, black lab (puppy raiser: Marrissa Baney), Jose Fernando Valenzuela Gonzalez and LD Albia, black lab (puppy raiser: James Collins); Jordi Salido Redondo and LD Spirit, black lab (puppy raiser: Kenneth Medley); (back row) Interpreter Maria Perez Perez; GDMI Sue Hackman

Six clients sit on two couches facing the camera and smiling. Each client has his or her Leader Dog sitting or lying on the floor in front of them

Michael Peterson and LD Lillian, black lab (puppy raiser: Timothy Pittman); Terra Peterson and LD Sedona, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Gregory and Pam Wagner); Valerie Caskey and LD Austen, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Rose Czech); Kenneth Hagemann and LD Snoopy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Charles Westfall); Gertrude Kolodzieski and LD Danika, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Kevin and Ann Storberg); Frank Long and LD Peachie, black lab (puppy raiser: Stephen and Linda Tillinghast)

Gertrude Kolodzieski and her golden retriever Leader Dog, Danika, walk outside on the Leader Dog campus on a sunny day

Name: Gertrude Kolodzieski and Leader Dog Danika
State: Pennsylvania
Instructor: Kathryn Roberts

Danika's information
Breed: Golden retriever
Puppy Raiser: Kevin & Ann Storberg

“I’ve had Leader Dogs for 24 years and my life has made a 180 degree turn. I went from being dependent on other people to just saying ‘Let’s go girl!’ and harnessing up my dog and going. Having a dog has kept me young. My dog is a lifeline, companion, best friend and the key to my own self-worth and dignity.”