Recent Graduates

Classes 15-06, 15-07, 15-08

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NOTE: GDMI stands for Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

You can view pictures of these graduates on our Flickr page.

Class 15-06

Apprentice GDMI Rebbie Radtke:

  • Anthony Quispe Jimenez and Sammy, black lab (puppy raiser: Chippewa Correctional Facility)
  • Roberto Garcia Martin and Stellar, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Mary Sinclair)
  • Angela Linares Navarro and Hespy, black lab (puppy raiser: James Schultz)
  • Javier Lumbier Dueso and Rocky, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Jason Walker)

GDMI Dave Meyer:

  • Jenny Andrews and Coal, black lab (puppy raiser: Kenneth McKettrick)
  • Paul Dale and Shadow, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Glenn and Bonnie Price)

GDMI Kevin Ihrke and Apprentice GDMI Lauren Brady:

  • Robert Ash and Heidi, black lab (puppy raiser: Kristi Sazama)
  • Jennifer Tatomir and Zeke, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Steve Asbury)
  • Helen Otero and Cali, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Cathleen Gilleran)
  • Lance Raisanen and Kyper, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Kevin Miller)

GDMI Catherine (Pallid) Martin:

  • Gabriel Kelton and Kyla, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Jan Van Wulfen)
  • Karen Powell and Indy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Christiana Ganahl)
  • Christine Keen and Sugar, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Aaron Lassek)
  • Gregory Ridenhour and Onyx, black lab (puppy raiser: Jennifer Tancraitor)

GDMI Sue Horn:

  • John Murphy and Norm, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Michael Hardesty)
  • Michael Peterson and Alex (Affex), black lab (puppy raiser: Gary Kirchner)

Home deliveries:

  • Frank Rose and Rueben, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Jason Walker)
  • Donald Whitehead and Pippa, black lab (puppy raiser: Megan Battersby)

Class 15-07

GDMI Christie Bane:

  • Ignacio Martinez Cosgaya and Timmy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Mick Brzezinski)
  • Pedro Pablo Duque Suarez and Bailey, black lab (puppy raiser: Pamela Stamm)
  • Armando Martinez Gonzalez and Sundance, yellow lab (puppy raiser: William McDonald)
  • Jose Manuel Ferreras Menendez and Diva, black lab (puppy raiser: Carol McCartney)
  • Joaquin Eguren Arrillaga and Ginger, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Kelsey Millstead)

GDMI Katie Wattles:

  • Edward Luebken and Sunny, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Minnesota Correctional Facility – Lino Lakes)
  • Keith Kearney and Foss, black lab (puppy raiser: Drake Eaves)

Apprentice GDMI Sarah Duyck:

  • Patricia Lambes and Sunshine, black lab (puppy raiser: Richard Flanagan)
  • Gary Thompson and Lillian, black lab (puppy raiser: Timothy Pittman)
  • Melanie Ludy and Casi, black lab (puppy raiser: Nancelee Halle)

Florida training - GDMI Jessica Bimmerman, GDMI Paul Meister, GDMI David Locklin:

  • Jeffrey Perrin and Dudley, black lab (puppy raiser: Leland DeWitt)
  • Jo Ellen Janssen and Jasz, black lab (puppy raiser: Nancy Merckle)
  • Richard Kent and Easy, black lab (puppy raiser: Therese Wheaton)
  • Rita Harris and Madden, chocolate lab (puppy raiser: Tiffany Patten)
  • Andrea Smith and Zoey (Zuri), yellow lab (puppy raiser: Marissa Baney)
  • Michael Redding and Crosby, black lab (puppy raiser: Tiffany Patten)

Home deliveries:

  • Alan Spaulding and Cerci, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Travis Herman)
  • Dwayne Estes and Brent, black lab (puppy raiser: Tyler Wirtjes)

Class 15-08

GDMI Linda Fisher:

  • Terry Dillivan and Sergei, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Sherrill Platt)
  • Charles JuHala and Cricket, black lab (puppy raisers: Elwood and Bonnie Thomas)
  • Cynthia Coleman and Hook, black lab (puppy raiser: Susanne Quallich)
  • Kelly Faith and Bailey, black lab (puppy raiser: Sherry Perkowitz)

GDMI Phil Griffin and GDMI Bryan Young:

  • Michael Amoroso and Ally (Allegiance), black lab (puppy raiser: Gary Klop)
  • Lisa Hoskins and Nikko, German shepherd (brush-up training)
  • Anthony Alvarez and Phoenix, black lab (puppy raiser: Ariel Williams)

Apprentice GDMI Kathryn Roberts:

  • Sonia Ulate Cordova and Rosie, black lab (puppy raisers: Lisa and Howard O’Brien)
  • Luis Castro Calderon and Bayou, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Judith Kimpan)
  • Esteban Caballero and Iggy, black lab (puppy raiser: Diane Bellmore)
  • Jeannette Ramirez Cordero and Brankel, black lab (puppy raiser: Blake Privitt)

Home deliveries:

  • Amy Rhoads and Callie (Connie), black lab (puppy raiser: Justin Robuck)
  • Karl Harper and Willow, black lab (puppy raiser: Penny Joyner)
  • Rudy Sanchez and Josie, black lab (puppy raiser: Janice Van Wulfen)