Letters from Our Alumni

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Seated photo of Susan and Leader Dog Zombo

Susan and LD Zombo

Hi all. It does not seem so very long ago (February 2013) that I came and trained and took Zombo home with me. Zombo has really changed my life. Together we make a good team. When we go out for a meal people are amazed that this beautiful dog sat very peacefully under the table. He puts spark in life and works very well at stores. Everyone at my landlord’s office gets excited and meets in the lobby to greet Zombo. The local hospital staff loves him. He has really made my life better and I cannot begin to say thank you enough to all who made this possible.

Susan Still
Facebook message - February 10, 2016

Seated photo of Karen Moses and Leader Dog Kelly

Karen Moses and LD Kelly

It is hard to express the enormous gratitude I feel towards this amazing organization that is
Leader Dog. You have opened possibilities that are
endless in my quest for independence. You have
allowed me to gain a new vision through my extraordinary
dog. She has led me fluidly and flawlessly while
expanding my world beyond the veil of darkness.
Releasing me from the paralyzing fear of blindness, she
directs me to live outside the shadows. What I
once longed for has been realized beyond measure,
giving me a new hope to excel in who I am—more
self-assured and confident.

You have proven your excellence from the beginning. Starting them as puppies, you take on the care and commitment that is required for the ultimate visual partner—never losing your way or purpose, you train tirelessly. Each dog has the potential to offer hope to one who’s own life has left them on the exterior of their lives. One’s hoping to engage, without trepidation, in their daily activities.

Thank you,

Karen Moses

Liuba and Leader Dog Romeo, in harness, stand in the entryway of a white gazebo

Liuba Bernier and LD Romeo

I used to sit on my front porch just watching people as they took their daily walks. I felt alone, sad and confined. Leader Dog gave me the best gift I have ever had. In 2007, I received Romeo, a beautiful golden retriever. My guide dog loves walks and in the summer we do about six to eight miles per day. Romeo changed my life 360 degrees. I finally feel free. Thank you Leader Dogs for the Blind for such a precious gift and all your continued support throughout the years.

Liuba Bernier
Facebook message - February 1, 2016

I want to let you know I am so happy with my Leader Dog, Dylan. I am now getting around on a daily basis with his help. My world was so small before I was matched with him. My depression has subsided and let me tell you:

Kenny sits on a couch with Leader Dog Dylan sitting next to him

Kenny VanDerbur and LD Dylan

I now go to church, the grocery and pharmacy without the help of anyone but Dylan. I have never rode public transportation before, but now we do. Doctors appointments and volunteering in my community never would have been possible without Dylan. He has prevented me from falling. I fell an average of four times a month and I haven’t had any falls since Dylan came to my rescue. Now let’s talk about fun. Dylan loves to play and keep me company and fight the loneliness. He loves my kids and family and they love him too.

It’s all I can do to keep everyone from petting him while he is working because he is so sweet and adorable.

Thank you Leader Dog for this gift of travel and the wonderful companionship I now have and enjoy daily.

[Guide Dog Mobility Instructor] Paul Meister was so great to work with as well. He helped us to be the best team we could be. Barbara at Leader Dog was so encouraging and I am so thankful for her help. Ryan the puppy raiser at Fort Dodge Correctional Facility did a great job. I wrote him a letter to let him know how thankful I was.

Kenny VanDerbur