Leader Dog Delivers Services Around the World and in Your Community

Published in: Update - Issue 2 - 2017 »   
William sits outdoors on a wooden picnic table. There is water behind him. Next to him is black Labrador Leader Dog Cleo in harness

LD Cleo was delivered to William Fischer at his
home in Pennsylvania in September 2016.

One of the most frequent questions our grantors have is: what services does Leader Dog provide in my community?

There are more than 1,200 active Leader Dog working teams in the U.S. with about 180 or more being added each year. These people, along with our Summer Experience Camp and Accelerated O&M clients total 6,212 Leader Dog alumni in the U.S. So it is very likely a LDB alumnus lives in or near your community.

Community foundations across the United States whose philanthropic support is prioritized for their geographic area have selected Leader Dog for this very reason. The Community Foundation of Greater Flint; Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Inc.; Frederick County Foundation; Greater Sauk County Community Foundation; and the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin have found value in making grants over the past fiscal year to support essential operations, home deliveries, field (brush-up) services to graduates and correctional facilities participating in our Prison Puppies initiative located in their areas.

Often, community foundation funds are made possible by a generous donor who has observed first-hand Leader Dog’s impact as a volunteer, friend or recipient of our services or through Lionism. Other times a donor directs that the foundation uses its resources to address blindness, accessibility or equality, which allows the foundation to support Leader Dog based on an identified need in its community.

If you are working with a community foundation to secure your legacy, please contact Kathryn Tuck, director of foundation giving, at 248/218.6431 to learn more about how we are already serving people in your community.