Issue 3 - 2012

Articles from Issue 3 - 2012

Message from the President

Anything is Possible!

Alum Spotlight

Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree—Doctorate?

A Great Attitude Knows No Age

By Guest Writer Peggy O'Dell

Tabitha "Tabby Girl"

Anne Drake's Hero Dog

New Vision, Mission and Values

LDB Foundation Established

Leader Dog University

Homecoming 2012

Puppies on Parade

By Guest Writer Peggy O'Dell

Mission Moment

Anthony Trent and Leader Dog Zoey

Legacy Society

Stay Connected with Us

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Angel Eyes Campaign

Sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation

The Sky's the Limit—Literally

Larry Ekstrom Skydives for Leader Dog

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Cycling for Leader Dogs

Mark Mansell Raises Triple His Goal

Lead in the Holidays

Join Us to Celebrate the 21st Annual Event

Circle of Life

News About Our Canine Partners

Recent Graduates

Classes 12-12, 13-01, 13-02 and 13-03

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