Message from the President

Anything is Possible!

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Leader Dog team member holding a newborn puppy

Volunteers help take great care of our dogs from the moment they are born.

We've all heard that old adage, and I firmly believe that with determination and a "can-do" attitude—anything is possible. We witness it here every day at Leader Dogs for the Blind. As you read through this issue of Update, you'll notice this common theme too. We all face obstacles on a daily basis. With those obstacles often come a crossroads; do I give up, or do I forge ahead? When our clients lose their sight, they don't choose to change their lifestyle, but that's often the reality. However, when you read about the accomplishments of our alumni you realize that hard work and determination keep them forging ahead, many times in totally new ways, and sets the stage for greatness. We have clients who amaze us every day with their endeavors, from mountain climbing and doctorate degrees to hosting foreign exchange students and traveling the world. Working with a Leader Dog empowers our clients to reach for new goals, and I believe a positive attitude is a critical part of their journey.

Mark Mansell riding his bike

Mark Mansell rode alone through miles and miles of wheat fields this past summer.

Another example is Mark Mansell and his recent 3500-mile cycling trip across the country for Leader Dog. Many people, faced with challenging terrain, difficult weather conditions and pure exhaustion would have complained or have simply given up. But if you met Mark Mansell, you would know that "defeat" just isn't in his makeup. His fantastic attitude and "can-do" approach to life is contagious—and enabled him to successfully complete his cycling trip in 52 days! Our trustees, team members and volunteers also exhibit this positive attitude and approach each and every day. Whether working with a guide dog, making a meal for our clients, sending an email to donors, or raising a puppy, the enthusiasm and passion for our clients, dogs and our mission keeps us on task. So thank you for your optimism. Together, we can do anything we put our minds to!


Susan M. Daniels