Puppies on Parade

By Guest Writer Peggy O'Dell

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Future Leader Dogs Luke and Walley

Future Leader Dogs Luke and
Walley love to pose for photos.

Eleven-month-old Future Leader Dogs Walley and Luke already have busy schedules: there's socializing to do, commands to learn, and new sights, sounds and smells to investigate. But when they were asked to be the first canine Grand Marshals of the Carver Steamboat Days parade in Minnesota, they were happy to accept the honor.

The puppies were chosen by the Carver Lions Club as a way to raise awareness about Leader Dog and the puppy raiser program. "I think it's fantastic, but we don't look at them as puppies, they're just two Lions that have four paws," said Tim Craig, Lions Club VP and Luke's puppy raiser. "I've already had calls about how to be a puppy raiser." Fellow Lion Tim Carroll is raising Walley.

Luke and Walley walked the parade route with their raisers, while school children passed out Leader Dog baseball cards and bookmarks. It was a doggone good parade.

Luke and Walley walk in the parade

Enjoying the parade are Lion Tim Carrol
l with FLD Walley and Lion Laurie Craig
with FLD Luke.