Recent Graduates

Classes 12-12, 13-01, 13-02 and 13-03

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NOTE: GDMI stands for Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

You can view pictures of these graduates on our Flickr page.

Class 12-12

GDMI Carrie Pryce:

  • Ramon de Leon Molina and Kasey, German shepherd (puppy raiser: Jane Southwell)
  • Oscar Reyes Carrascosa and Caspian, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Shannon Dobel)
  • Juan Menor Galvez and Angel, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Carl Biorkman)
  • Eduardo Cruz Gomez and Fisher, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Judith Gignac)

GDMI Jill Vani:

  • Calvin Nelson and Lucky, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Pamela DeWeese)
  • Sherry Miller and Peppi, Labrador/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Laurence Lewis)
  • Anthony Trent and Zoey, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Tony Vang)
  • Kevin Banker and Marina Rose, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Gail Eynon)

GDMI Denise Atler:

  • Adam Keefe and Stanford, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Jeanine DeLuca)
  • Matthew White and Quincy, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Ray Ziegler)
  • Carly Stevason and Lindy, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Kevin and Ann Storberg)

Class 13-01

GDMI Kevin Ihrke:

  • Jeffrey Hawkins and Gracie, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Sierra Swets)
  • James Frazier and Dexter, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Karen and David Kortebein)
  • Sindy Puckett and Sweetie, black Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Karen Voss and Margaret Fee)
  • Robert Justin and Lego, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Dawn Frey)

GDMI Debbie Komondy:

  • Judy Cooper and Oliver, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Amy Stearns)
  • Diane Bergeron and Lucy, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Sherry Tempelman)
  • Jane King and Scout, golden retriever (puppy raiser: David Hattis)
  • Patricia Schonlau and Susie (formerly Reason), black Labrador retriever (donated)

Apprentice GDMI Dave Meyer:

  • Linda Cox and Pan'Ta'na, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Sheila Sosnowski)
  • Joyce Feix and Libby, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Marilyn McAlester)
  • Daniel Laible and Becker, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Kathleen Pizzolato)

GDMI Jamie Togal:

  • Michael Montour and Mary Mae, German shepherd (puppy raiser: Leroy Seiler)
  • Joann Pilarski and Linus, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Jeffrey Mitchell and Bridget O'Brien-Mitchell)
  • Clark Schanely and Steve, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Andrew Stephens)

Class 13-02

GDMI Sue Horn:

  • Alisa Alonge and Casey, Labrador/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Jay Miller)
  • Sheryl Hunt and Chloe, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Pam Stamm)
  • Kathleen Stanczak and Zeeta, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Gretchen Addor)
  • Steven Schnelle and Oreo Cookie, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Jack Earwood)

GDMI Catherine Palid:

  • Christopher Caldwell and Ernie, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Valerie DiBartolomeo)
  • Susan Swanagon and Freedom, Labrador/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Carol Thompson)
  • Rita Kersh and Jazzy, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Emma Huellmantel)
  • Joanne Racziewicz and Meisje, black Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Paul and Lynn Parmentier)

GDMI Dave Heins and Interpreter Yolanda Vilar Brumbeck:

  • Jaime Felipe Catena Gasco and Elliot, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Jennifer Ladd)
  • Carmen Ponce Pastrana and Jenny, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: David Beggs)
  • Natanael Martinez Jordan and Hawk, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Anne Mitchell)
  • Maria Teresa Marco Blesa and Liberty, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Julianne Wierzchowski)
  • Francisco R. Martinez Garcia-Moreno and Kimber, black Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Jeff and Maggie Weir)

Class 13-03

GDMI Katie Wattles (previously Stamm) and GDMI for Deaf-Blind Jenny Sanderson:

  • Elizabeth Ramirez Coronado and Al Capone, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Bill Niedert)
  • Jose Campos Herrera and Harley, yellow Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Thomas and Sharon Behrns)
  • Bruce Boyd and Ziggy, black Labrador retriever (puppy raisers: Carol and John Lair)
  • Allen Ison and Ally, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Jill Pontillo)
  • Ken Gasiecki; Darrell Reynolds and Lambeau, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Teri Tommet)
  • Mattie Dooley and Gayle, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Kline Goeders)
  • Matthew (Kevin) Suggs and Hugo, black Labrador retriever (puppy raiser: Marnie Grant)
  • Ericka Remington and Holly, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Bob Goggins)
  • Maria Agredano Martinez and Maizy, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Cindy and Roger Vincent)