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The What, Who, Why and How of Leader Dog

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A black and white image showing what the Update newsletter looked like in 1989

In June of 1989, the first issue of Update was published to celebrate 50 years of Leader Dog, 1939–1989. Since then, Update has had many different looks but has maintained the goal of sharing client success stories and program updates with our supporters and clients.

This issue of Update has a fresh, updated look featuring our new branding, which was designed to highlight our four client programs: Guide Dog Training, Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Training, GPS Technology and Summer Experience Camp. These programs allow us to achieve our mission of empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills for independent travel.

The new branding purposefully focuses on what Leader Dog does and who we provide services to so that people unfamiliar with us quickly realize our mission—why we exist. The question of how we are able to provide these services without cost to our clients is answered as people learn more about our organization.

Four new Leader Dog icons: there is a red circle with a cutout of a dog's head next to the title 'Guide Dog Training'; a blue circle with a cutout of an S-shaped arrow next to the title 'Accelerated O&M Training'; a blue-green circle with a cutout of a directional pointer facing up and an N for North next to the title 'GPS Technology'; and a yellow-lime circle with a cutout of a sun next to the title 'Summer Experience Camp'.

People new to Leader Dog are initially interested in our dogs and our clients—how they are trained and how they work together. But they are often surprised when they learn about the wonderful people who support us and make everything possible: the donors, Lions, on-campus volunteers, puppy raisers and the families that host our breeding stock dogs—the thousands of people who care and take action every day on behalf of Leader Dog. It is uncovering this surprise that solidifies their desire to support Leader Dog. People want to be a part of something great, and your support makes Leader Dogs for the Blind something great!

So, I hope you like the new look of Update and continue to enjoy getting to know more about our clients and our services. Thank you for your continued passion and support of Leader Dogs for the Blind, and happy reading!


Susan M. Daniels