Winifred Bailey—From Watching to Learning to Action

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Young Winifred Bailey smiles for the camera in her U.S. Air Force uniform and glasses

From 1950 to 1954 Winifred
served the United States in the
Air Force as a cryptographer.
We thank her for serving our country
and helping to keep our freedom.

While working in Birmingham, Michigan, Winifred Bailey would often see Leader Dog instructors training dogs and teaching clients how to work successfully with their new dogs. She never ceased to be amazed as she watched the dogs stop at curbs, stop when a moving car drove by, or when they rode up and down on escalators. As she watched, she was always aware that the person working with the dog was either blind or Deaf-Blind. Though she thought the dogs were totally amazing, she also thought that she was thankful she was not blind.

In 1994 her sister and brother-in-law, Wilma and Stanley Kosmalski, became involved with Leader Dog and Winifred learned even more about the organization. In 2008, she made her first gift to Leader Dog at Stanley's memorial service when she filled out an envelope and gave a donation in his memory.

Through the years Winifred became a dedicated friend and loyal donor to Leader Dog, helping to change many lives. She believes Leader Dog is an exceptional nonprofit, especially because our clients do not have to pay a single cent for their training or their Leader Dog.

Winifred would like to encourage everyone who reads this article to become part of Leader Dogs for the Blind by becoming a donor.