Leos: The Future of Lions

By Beth Slade

Published in: Update - Issue 3 - 2014 »   

Here’s a glimpse into the future of Lions from Sussex Lions Club (District 27-A-2) President and Leo Advisor Greg Meers and high school senior Alyssa Molinski, president of Sussex Leo Club (the Leo club that provides the most support to Leader Dog). The club raised an additional $251 for Leader Dog this year by giving a paw print sticker to any MD 27-A-2 convention attendee that made a contribution.

What are some of your club goals?

Leo Alyssa: Our main goal as an entire club was to increase our membership numbers. We accomplished this goal in only a few years! We are now over 100 members strong and still growing. We met this goal by encouraging members to spread the word to their friends by inviting them to our meetings. I think it’s safe to say that after attending a meeting or two, most people start filling out an application.

Lion Greg: My primary goal is stewardship of our clubs. A healthy, active club can do more for their community today and in the future. The more helping hands available, the more work we can do. Our Lions club recently celebrated our 75th anniversary and it is important that it is still serving 75 years from now too! Most prospective members state “to give back to their community” as their main reason for joining and Lions are very prominent in our community.

A group of smiling young men and women wearing Sussex Leos t-shirts

A group of Leos gather on a Friday night

How do you choose the services you support?

Leo Alyssa: Every year a donation to LDB is included in our budget. I feel even closer to Leader Dog since last year’s district convention when our fundraiser was centered around the cause, helping us raise additional money. I also like how it fits the theme of supporting people with low vision that the Lions Club is so focused on supporting.

Where do you envision the Sussex Leo Club and yourself to be in ten years?

Leo Alyssa: In ten years, I envision the Sussex Leo Club to have almost twice as many members as we do today, with lots of the members joining the club at a younger age to increase our amount of experienced, committed members. I also envision us having even more events. After I graduate, I hope to become part of a Lioness Club and maybe even become a Leo Advisor!

What singular moment (big or small) has impressed you the most since becoming a Lion/Leo?

Leo Alyssa: The most memorable moment I’ve experienced with the club was one Saturday morning when I signed up to move tables at the Sussex/Lisbon Historical Society. It was a simple job that didn’t require much help so my dad and I volunteered to do it ourselves. After a quick hour of helping move tables, Fred Keller (the owner) repeatedly thanked us, mentioning how much the Sussex Leo Club does for the community. About a week later, he sent me a thank you card noting the same thing. It made me feel very proud of us as a club.