Dolores Charles—Giving Back

By Roberta Trzos

Published in: Update - Issue 3 - 2015 »   
Dolores sits in an armchair facing the camera and smiling with her hands folded in her lap

Dolores Charles is happy to be a financial
supporter of Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Dolores Charles first became acquainted with us through a Lion in Michigan, Paul Hemeryck, when he introduced her to his Lions club and Leader Dogs for the Blind.

After visiting Paul’s club and the Leader Dog campus, Dolores saw the impact Lions make around the world and at Leader Dogs for the Blind. She told Paul that she wanted to be a financial supporter. Dolores has been a donor since 2000, and in 2011 she became a member of the Legacy Society. When Leader Dogs for the Blind began the fundraising for the Canine Development Center she knew she also wanted to support the project.

Dolores credits her parents in giving her the desire to give back. She can still hear her father saying to her, “Dolores remember to always save money, so you can take care of yourself and help those that need help.” With her mother always saying, “When you get a good deal, your money is better in your pocket than their pocket,” she learned how to save.

Dolores told us she wanted to make sure all of the readers of Update knew that Leader Dog is a good cause, and that the people who work and volunteer at Leader Dog do so with heart. She also invites readers to consider joining the Legacy Society, so Leader Dog will always be able to give guide dogs to those who are visually impaired.

Dolores wanted to leave us with a couple thoughts that she relies on to keep her going: “I am glad I did what I did when I did." "God shuts a door and opens another door.”

If you would like information on ways to give and/or become a Legacy Society member, please contact Roberta Trzos, CFRE, director of personal giving at 248/659.5014.