Recent Graduates

Classes 15-09, 15-10, 15-11, 16-01, 16-02

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NOTE: GDMI stands for Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

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Class 15-09

GDMI Jill Vani and Apprentice GDMI Tina Goedetier:

  • GDMI Jill Vani and Apprentice GDMI Tina Goedetier
  • Guy Huard and Moby, lab/golden retriever (puppy raisers: Mike and Sue Norton)
  • Julie Curtis and Pepper, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Michael Cosper)
  • Charles Brown and Bernie, black lab (puppy raiser: Kristin Shively)
  • Thomas Frank and Bear, black lab (puppy raiser: Baraga Correctional Facility)

GDMI Carrie Pryce:

  • Marina Rojas Sepulveda and Boston, chocolate lab (puppy raisers: Jack and Elisabeth Lindsay)
  • Abel Arcas Ruiz and Copo, black lab (puppy raiser: Baraga Correctional Facility)
  • Elizabeth Albalat Murillo and Baker, lab/golden retriever (puppy raisers: Ron and Karen Sharp)
  • Miguel Garcia Fernandez and Gladys, black lab (puppy raiser: Kelly Williams)
  • Maria Elena Gomez Marco and Ashley, black lab (puppy raiser: Chippewa Correctional Facility)

GDMI Denise Atler:

  • Timothy Boszor and Quantum, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Sanger B Powers Correctional Facility)
  • Abigail Karow and Otter V, black lab (puppy raiser: Darwin Cobeen)
  • Richard Villa and Revere, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Amy Stearns)

GDMI Randy Horn:

  • Pamela Bowerman and Tally, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Colleen McKay)

Home deliveries:

  • Chad Foster and Sawyer, German shepherd (puppy raiser: Jennifer Ladd)

Class 15-10

Deaf-Blind GDMI Jenny Sanderson, Deaf-Blind Apprentice GDMI Sarah Duyck:

  • Deborah Wright and Sophie, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Cindy Hesselbein)
  • Jia Fei Reeves and Cruzer, yellow lab (puppy raisers: Mike & Tracy Zeckmeister)
  • John Romish and Johnny, yellow lab (puppy raisers: Nancy and Rocco Corsetti)
  • Nancy Seiden and Sasha, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Carol Beavnier)
  • Susan Smith and Teddy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Edwin Vangundy)

GDMI Catherine Palid:

  • Amber Price and Ally, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Cynthia Beard)
  • Tamar Solomon and Penny, German shepherd (puppy raiser: Renee Medley)
  • Katlyn Kress and Rockett, black lab (puppy raiser: Mary Ann Grutza)

GDMI Debbie Komondy:

  • Josh Foreman and Pippa, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Royce Imhoff)
  • Michael Winstead-Nash and Topper, black lab (puppy raiser: Matthew Tandy)
  • Kyla Miller and Winter, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Teri Tommet)

GDMI Kevin Ihrke:

  • Lucia Zamudio Salas and Sadie, yellow lab (puppy raiser: David Keegan)
  • Viviana Cordero Chavez and Wubba, black lab (puppy raiser: Tim Walker)
  • Laura Lucero Marquez Noguera and Kyler, black lab (puppy raiser: Jay Miller)
  • Sabastian Lobo Marquez and Everest, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Heather Bruce)

GDMI Rebecca Radtke:

  • David Stirnemann and Ebony, black lab (puppy raisers: Kim and Diane Wills)
  • Robert Gulledge and Dakota, black lab (puppy raiser: Justin Van Noort)
  • Rachel Newland and Milano, black lab (puppy raiser: Stephanie Gornick)

Apprentice GDMI Lauren Brady:

  • Michelle Haycraft and Maizey, black lab (puppy raiser: Karen Gasior)
  • Stephanie Flynt and Nala, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Esther Brandel)
  • Kandie Power and Echo, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Karen Voss)

Class 16-01

GDMI Jessica Bimmerman:

  • Matthew Yeater and Gunner, German shepherd (puppy raiser: Stanley Hoover)

GDMI Katie Wattles:

  • Linda Baumeister and Mack (Matrix), black lab (puppy raiser: Allen Huenefeld)
  • Greg Hammond and Ella German shepherd (puppy raiser: Lori Shaw)
  • Michael Whitt and Vern, black lab (puppy raiser: Thomas Mann)

GDMI Paul Meister:

  • Jeremy Westover and Athena, black lab (puppy raiser: Linda Blauet)
  • Robert Tyndall and Emma, black lab (puppy raiser: Suzanne Ramos)

GDMI Sue Hackman:

  • Timothy Smitley and Brandy, golden/lab (puppy raiser: Heike Krause)
  • David Chase and Shadow, black lab (puppy raiser: Jeffrey Schafer)
  • Hannah Kleinschmidt and Tessa black lab (puppy raiser: James Dorsey)
  • Daisy Soto and Zita, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Joanne & Harry Onderwater)

Apprentice GDMI Ashley Ayers:

  • Michelle Haycraft and Maizey, black lab (puppy raiser: Karen Gasior)
  • Dawn Rudolph and Lady, black lab (puppy raiser: Kevin Voyna)
  • Ronda Del Boccio and Jemma, golden (puppy raiser: Dick Spence)
  • Otto Jespersen and Zoey, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Kathleen Feldt)

Home deliveries:

  • Mary Atwell and George, golden (puppy raiser: Carol Mola)
  • Bonita Gunsolley and Edie, black lab (puppy raiser: Chance Weaver)
  • Kimberly Morris and Blake, golden (puppy raisers: Joseph & Trudy Nowak)

Class 16-02

Apprentice GDMI Kathryn Roberts:

  • Amy Chevalier and Ember, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Beverly Kramer)

GDMI Linda Fisher:

  • Renee Greyeyes and Reid, golden (puppy raiser: Tobin McKenzie)
  • Gloria LePors and Toby, black lab (puppy raiser: Matthew Brown)
  • Stephan Baker and Lacy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Donna Davis)

Apprentice GDMI Alyssa Ozrovitz:

  • Arlene Dull and Wilson, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Tracie Thompson)
  • Alfreda Robinson and Simba, black lab (puppy raiser: Paul Wagner)
  • Tyra Whickum and Sadie, yellow lab (puppy raisers: Dave & Susan Beggs)
  • Jimmy Trimble and Conners (Connie), black lab (puppy raiser: Justin Robuck)

GDMI Phil Griffin, GDMI Bryan Young:

  • Maria Morente Rosal and Pepper, black lab (puppy raiser: Keith Bruns)
  • Miguel Diez Garcia and Copley, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Andrea Rourke)
  • Lluis Oltra Benavent and Twinkle, yellow lab (puppy raisers: Jo-Ski & Allen Theiler)
  • Clara Millan Jareno and Arthur, black lab (puppy raiser: Alana Schwartz)

GDMI Christie Bane:

  • David Holliday and Greta, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Peggy Johnson)
  • Abigail Bolling and Cricket, black lab (puppy raiser: Amelia Jernigan)
  • Eric Lorenz and Huxley, golden (puppy raisers: Tony & Linda Gimble)
  • Kenneth Borst and Honor, black lab (puppy raiser: Brian Hyde)

Home deliveries:

  • Sandra Smith and Ariadne, black lab (puppy raiser: Jessica Troester)