Update Issue 3 - 2016

Update Issue 3 - 2016

Articles from Issue 3 - 2016

Update Cover Fall 2016

Message from the President

Fall Puts a Focus on Learning

One Person, Three Dogs and Four Degrees

Jennifer Tatomir received her 1st Leader Dog before heading off to college

Alumni Letters

Messages from Lori Conrad-Miller, Shannon Columb, Michael Hardesty and Joshua Foreman

Full Speed Ahead

Student and Leader Dog handler Tripp Gulledge talks about how his guide dog fits into college life

Three Ways to Give

Create a personalized myLeaderDog page for your fundraiser

Ribbon Cutting Celebrates New Canine Center

Some construction is still ongoing, but major milestones have been reached

Leader Dog's Online Gift Shop

Just in time for the holidays, plenty of new merchandise is here!

The Love Keeps Growing

Sellers Subaru keeps going above and beyond in the partnership with Leader Dog

Flying Blind

Leader Dog client and motivational speaker Jim Platzer doesn't let blindness stop him from reaching the sky

Giving a Piece of Your Heart

Leader Dog puppy raisers are often asked how they can give the puppies up. Here are their answers

Lions Celebrate 100 Years of Service

Lions and Leader Dog have a long shared history of working together to achieve success

The Four P's of Leaving a Legacy

Plan, Procrastinate, Prepare and Purpose

Mission Moment

Tina Gruchow's Leader Dog helps her feel at ease

John Hebert Receives Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award

Leader Dog's board chair named Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

Youth and University Fundraising Spotlight

Some creative ways that young people find to give back

Legacy Society

By Roberta Trzos

Circle of Life

News About Our Canine Partners

Recent Graduates

Classes 16-11, 17-01, 17-02, 17-03

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