Update Issue 3 - 2017

Update Issue 3 - 2017

Articles from Issue 3 - 2017

Update Cover Fall 2017

Message from the President

The "Why" of Leader Dogs for the Blind

Taking Her Bite of the Big Apple

Kim Paulk talks about living and working in New York

Alumni Letters

Traveling in an Urban Environment

Catalina Martinez was part of our urban guide dog training in Chicago

Urban Training in Chicago with Instructor Jamie Togal

Instructor Jamie Togal describes Leader Dog's urban training

Acclimating Puppies to an Urban Environment

Puppy Raiser Frank Greszik talks about training puppies in big cities

Symbolic Puppy Sponsorships - A Great Gift Idea

IRA and Donor-Advised Fund Gifts

Maximize tax savings while making a positive impact on people who are blind

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy - Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetes affects 1 out of every 11 people in the U.S. and can affect the eyes

A Grand Finale for the Grand Tour

After 20 years, the Grand Tour has completed its final ride

Training at MGM Grand Detroit

MGM Grand Detroit offers its premises to Leader Dog instructors and dogs in training

Every Purchase Equals Support

Chief Financial Credit Union offers a unique way to support Leader Dogs for the Blind

Leader Dog Loses Two Dear Friends and Board Members

We remember Tom McNulty and Debbie Dayton

Lions International Convention - Fun, Organized Chaos

30,000 Lions met from around the world

Legacy Society

Including Leader Dog in your estate plans is a true partnership

Save the Date - Dinner in the Dark

This March, experience a whole new kind of dinner reservation

Circle of Life

News About Our Canine Partners

Recent Graduates

Classes 17-11, 18-01, 18-02, 18-03

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