In For Training (IFT) Assessments and Practice

Two assessors will be available for you and your puppy to perform your required IFT assessment prior to your puppy's return (puppies 10 months or older) or to "practice" IFT assessment skills (all age puppies welcome)
Raisers taking the IFT assessment, show up promptly at 6:00pm
Raisers practicing IFT skill show up at 7:00pm

Genesys Hospital @ One Genesys Parkway, Grand Blanc

RSVP @ 248-807-9196

April Showers

Practice your puppies skills while having fun. We'll have a rally course, games and more.

Positive Pawz Training, 400 South Fenway Drive, Fenton

Rsvp 248-807-9196

Breakfast at The Laundry

Meet at the entrance to The Laundry. We'll work the parks of downtown Fenton before eating. Then, enjoy breakfast with fellow puppy raisers while our puppies learn to settle during a meal around other dogs. If just doing breakfast, meet at 10:00am in the restaurant.

The Laundry, 125 W. Shiawasee at Adelaide, Fenton

RSVP Sandra Bowers 248-807-9196

Great Lakes Loons Baseball Game

Treat yourself and your puppy to the fun and excitement of a minor league baseball game! The Midland Area Leader Dog Puppy Raisers will be the community organization of the night at the May 17th Great Lakes Loons game. We have a block of lawn seats available at $7 each and will have an information table on the concourse. Parking is $4 in the lot. Free parking is available at various businesses (visit for directions and parking information) We'd love to have you, your FLD and your family and friends join us!

March Madness

Lots of ball distractions! Work on ball distractions while practicing recalls, obedience and playing games. Bring a treat to share if you like.

Companion Dog Club facility, 4126 Holiday Drive, Flint

RSVP to 248-8079196

Breakfast at The Laundry

Meet at the entrance to The Laundry at 9:00am. We will work the parks of downtown Fenton before breakfast then enjoy good conversation with fellow Puppy Raisers while our puppies practice settling during a meal around other dogs.

The Laundry, 125 W. Shiawasee, Fenton

RSVP to Sandra Bowers, 248-807-9196 or 248-807-9196

Space School - Under the Dome...Under Water

Dive into the underwater world of outer space! Discover how astronauts train for space in extreme underwater environments in this Planetarium show.

Longway Planetarium at 1310 E. Kearsley Street, Flint

Yes. Sandra Bowers. 248-807-9196

Puppy Love

Practice your puppies IFT skills in a fun environment - games, rally course and other surprises. Bring a treat to share

Companion Dog Club Facility, 4126 Holiday Drive in Flint

RSVP to Sandra Bowers at 248-807-9196

Dinner at the Relief & Resource Company

Come have dinner at Fenton's one and only speakeasy. Historically, a speakeasy would have had a cover business, some innocuous front intended to disguise illicit alcohol sales during the Prohibition era of 1920 to 1933. The laundry's, El Topo street food restaurant is the cover business for this speakeasy. Meet at the entrance to El Topo at 6:30pm We will work the parks of downtown Fenton before dinner. After our walk the secret entrance into The Relief & Resource will be revealed.

Winter Wonderland

Winter yard inflatables, rally course, and games will be the theme of the day. Practice your puppy's IFT skills while having fun indoors. If you would like, bring a snack to share (doggie or people snacks).

Companion Dog Training Club of Flint, 4126 Holiday Drive, Flint

RSVP 248-807-9196