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If you are preparing to apply for our Guide Dog Training or Accelerated Orientation and Mobility Training program, there are several pages on our site that we strongly recommend you review before proceeding. This information will help you understand what our application process is like, what materials we need from you and why we need them, and guidelines for submitting necessary materials in an ideal manner. Knowing what you need will aid you in properly preparing and submitting the components of your application, which helps prevent any delay in the processing of your application.

All of the resources listed below can be found in the Clients section of our website. In this section, you can also learn more about our programs, find out about accommodations and travel, listen to audio maps of the places you will visit during training, read the frequently asked questions we hear from prospective clients and more.

Before you apply for training at Leader Dog:

  1. Application Process
  2. Application - Required Materials
  3. Video Guidelines

If you have questions and would like one of our client services coordinators to contact you, email your name and phone number to

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Interested in volunteering with Leader Dogs for the Blind? You can learn about the positions we have and our requirements for volunteers under the Volunteers tab on our website.

Volunteer areas:

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