My "Around the World" Puppy

By Amy Schupska

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Terry Huang sits on the floor smiling with both his arms around black lab Leader Dog Louie, who is sitting over Terry's legs

Terry Huang and LD Louie

Louie, who my husband and I raised in 2006, was our second puppy and he was the first of our dogs to complete guide dog training. At the time, the Taiwan Guide Dog Association was becoming established with the help of Leader Dog. I was so excited when Louie was chosen to be the guide dog for a client from Taiwan (I like to say an ambassa-dog), but I was concerned about Louie traveling around the world to work as a Leader Dog. Because of the obvious language barrier, we received minimal communication from the Taiwanese school or the client working with Louie.

Fast forward to April 2014, I noticed a familiar face on the Taiwan Guide Dog Association Facebook page! After sending a friend request and a few messages, I received the communication I had dreamt of for the last seven years—Terry Huang, Louie’s partner, invited me to come to Taiwan for a visit!

In October, I traveled to visit Terry and Louie. Witnessing the difference Louie makes in Terry’s life is incredible. Together they navigate mass transit systems on a daily basis, outdoor markets, escalators and very large crowds. Louie also accompanies Terry to his job as a massage therapist.

I have since received a few hundred photos of Terry and Louie together! Terry and I have chatted online and on the phone. I found the Taiwanese culture to be very friendly, and I was often called, “Louie-Mom.” What an honor!

Amy Schupska sits on the floor smiling with both her arms around black lab Leader Dog Louie, who is in harness and lying over Amy's left leg

Amy Schupska with LD Louie

Going to Taiwan has increased my love for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I am so grateful the instructors chose Terry to be Louie’s handler. I would gladly raise another puppy knowing that “my puppy” might travel half way around the world to positively change another person’s life. The love the two of them feel for each other is beautiful. They have complete trust and respect in their partnership. This is truly a dream come true for a puppy raiser.

To answer your question, yes. Louie did remember me.