Recent Graduates

Classes 15-03, 15-04, 15-05

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NOTE: GDMI stands for Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

You can view pictures of these graduates on our Flickr page.

Class 15-03

GDMI Jessica Bimmerman:

  • May McDonald and Luna, black lab (puppy raiser: Brenda Cuddeback)

GDMI Christie Bane:

  • Jackie Robinson and Roscoe, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Deanna Gaudio and Jeff Hungerford)
  • Lucille Hahn and Leland, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Kimberly Wattles)
  • June Barrett and Dottie, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Andrea Rourke)
  • Vickie Booth and Koby, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Ivy Settlemyre)

GDMI Paul Meister:

  • Jonathan Brayfield and Zella, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Abraham Algohaim)
  • Rodney Johns and Gracie (Gleam), yellow lab (puppy raiser: Heather McLaughlin)
  • James Goff and Peanut, black lab (puppy raiser: Ryan Higgins)

Brazil Apprentice GDMI George Harrison; Brazil GDMI Moses Vieira dos Santos Jr.:

  • Daniel Braga Sisti and Hughey, black lab (puppy
    raisers: Paul and Jane Catlin)
  • Carla Chierosa Antunes and Buster, black lab (puppy raiser: Brian Lee)
  • Dinacleia Galdino and Ellie, black lab (puppy raisers: Susan and Dave Beggs)
  • Alberto Clovis Pereira and Terry, black lab (puppy raiser: Paul Hill)

Apprentice GDMI Rebbie Radtke:

  • Jesse Belcher and Ace, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Angela Carnaghi)
  • Fredrick Eckstein and Mix, lab/golden retriever (puppy raisers: Rod and Nina Harris)
  • Paul Mayfield and Betsy, black lab (puppy raiser: Phyllis Krebs)

Apprentice GDMI Sarah Duyck

  • Gretchen Mackenzie and Sasha, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Michael and Carol Beavnier)
  • Karen Spear and Angel, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Steven Clark)
  • Bonita Gunsolley and Beamer, yellow lab (puppy raisers: Bob and Sue Kulbeik)

Home deliveries:

  • Christopher Keasler and Liesl, German shepherd (puppy raisers: Karen West and Earnie Schmatz)
  • Dorothy Latimer and Reba, golden retriever (puppy raisers: April and Howard Leikert)

Class 15-04

GDMI Sue Hackman:

  • Tina Gruchow and Nellie, black lab (puppy raiser: Mark Schlehlein)
  • Paul Simonson and Ziggy (Miggy), chocolate lab (puppy raisers: Eric and Kathleen Stein)
  • Michael Friedmann and Santo, black lab (puppy raiser: Linda Lindeman-DeCarlo)

Apprentice GDMI Tina Vinokurow; GDMI Phil Griffin:

  • Jacquelyn Panos and Tulip, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Frank and Ann Davis)
  • Daniel Lynam and Chevy, black lab (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)
  • Nathan Schneck and Husker, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)
  • Niccolina Mariconi and Finnie Mae, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Cora Hohnstadt)

GDMI Linda Fisher:

  • Geri Taeckens and Fiona, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Lynn Kamp)
  • Jana Ayers and Journey, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Dennis and Chris Sievers)
  • Timothy Egan and Aries, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Joseph and Trudy Nowak)
  • Richard Brauer and Logan, lab/golden retriever (puppy raiser: Amy Stearns)

GDMI Randy Horn:

  • Maria Mercedes Serrano Gregorio and Lino, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Lino Lakes)
  • Maria Petit Vecino and Tavish, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Kathleen Bachman)
  • Laura Labat Fuertes and Maya, black lab (puppy raisers: Daniela and Amy Snyder)
  • Laura Moya Santander and Geneva, black lab (puppy raiser: Marcia Belair)
  • Maria Luisa De Hita Camara and Floyd, yellow lab (puppy raisers: Glen Walborn and Scott Bates)

Apprentice GDMI Kate Roberts:

  • Kassandra Lemons and Stella, black lab (puppy raiser: Daniel Harteau)
  • Mark Harris and Hanna, black lab (puppy raiser: Fort Dodge Correctional Facility)
  • Rachel Slater and Parfait (Parlez), golden retriever (puppy raiser: Cynthia Beard)

Class 15-05

Apprentice GDMI Ashley Ayers:

  • Julie Curtis and Sophie, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Cindy Hesselbein)
  • Kenneth Gribble and Zeus, black lab (puppy raiser: Matthew Walls)
  • Jackie Bremner and Duchess, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Moises Carrasco)
  • Robert Rehahn and Dodger, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Leon Tice)

GDMI Jill Vani

  • Jodi Munden and Parker, black lab (puppy raiser: Gary Winnett)
  • Michael Brown and Oscar, black lab (puppy raiser: Adam Ericson)

GDMI Carrie Pryce

  • Luis Lira Lopez and Adam, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Robert Williams)
  • Jose Antonio Dominguez Guzman and Leroy, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Deana Hagemeister)
  • Maria Concepcion Hernandez Gaytan and Clover, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Caroline Wallis)
  • Maria Haidee Gallardo Goya and Dudley, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Jill Moore)

GDMI Denise Atler

  • Debra Bailey and Bruin, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Lia Jones)
  • Timothy Boszor and Mason, black lab (puppy raisers: Joseph Stephenson and Todd Harvey)
  • Anna Byrne and Salem, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Daniella Medford)
  • Lexi Westphal and Roman, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Nathan Gentile)

GDMI Bryan Young

  • Patricia Tassie and Iris, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Rebecca Cobb)
  • Linda Davis and Cole, black lab (puppy raiser: Minnesota Correction Facility – Lino Lakes)
  • Carolyn Clark and Dallas, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Gary and Sandy Frick)

Home deliveries:

  • Robert Hart and Leo, black lab (puppy raiser: Antwan Johnson)
  • John McDonald and Polo, black lab (puppy raiser: Dennis Butrick)