Our Supporters Share Their Excitement

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Puppy Raisers Brad and Sandy Bowers

“I have been involved with Leader Dogs for the Blind for 18 years in many capacities. I am a puppy counselor raising my 18th puppy, host a Leader Dog mom, assist at training weekends and chaired the Puppy Raiser Advisory Committee. Dogs are my passion! My husband Brad and I supported the construction of the Canine Development Center for many reasons. Like most puppy raisers, after we return our puppy to Leader Dog for formal training, we worry about their transition into this new phase of life. The new Canine Center has many improvements to help our puppies transition and thrive. There will be open housing villages, larger suites, more human and dog socialization, and additional opportunities for indoor and outdoor enrichment. We know these improvements will reduce stress and make our puppies, and breeding moms and dads feel more at home.” ~Sandy Bowers

Client Debbie Dayton

“There are several reasons that I contributed and support the new Canine Development Center. However, the most important reason is that our world and travel environment is so much different today than when the kennel was built. For example, [Leader Dog] Patrick and I travel in a sighted world without sight, and we now must negotiate roundabouts and cross streets with silent electric or hybrid vehicles that I cannot see or even hear. Our future Leader Dogs will need the proper stimulation, development and training to make intelligent and safe decisions. I believe that the new Canine Center will do just that and I am grateful to Leader Dogs for the Blind for continuing to foresee and respond to client needs not just now—but into the future.”

Breeding Stock Hosts John and Elaine Berheiser

“We’ve been involved with Leader Dog in various roles since 1987. In 2000 we became breed stock host for Leader Dog Mom Molly (4 litters, 25 puppies), next came Nilla (6 litters, 26 puppies), and currently we host Serene (3 litters, 19 puppies and one on the way). The experience of helping bring puppies into this world and, in one case, seeing a Leader Dog born in our house be handed to a young lady who was blind, is something that cannot be described. Many improvements have occurred for the health and well-being of the moms and the early stimulation and development of the puppies. The greatest improvement will be the new Canine Center. [Breeding stock] moms and dads will no longer share the same living space, and a calmer setting will keep moms healthy and strong. The separate areas for moms, dads and litters will allow all to thrive. And the covered entranceway for delivery of moms and puppies will be a huge plus! No more running to and from the vehicle in pouring rain, blustery winds or cold, wet snow.” ~Elaine Berkheiser

Volunteers Ralph and Jan Klumpp

“Since we began volunteering in 2009, Jan and I have been blessed to witness firsthand how LDB improves lives for the visually impaired and even for those who work or volunteer at this wonderful organization. As I write these words and look down at my career changed golden retriever, I realize every day my life has been positively changed THANKS to Leader Dog. We have cried tears of happiness, felt goose bumps of joy, and have commented to each other repeatedly, ‘What a great place.’ When we were approached to consider a role in the campaign for the Canine Center, we knew without hesitation it was the right thing to do. We love these dogs and we want to help others. Easy decision, especially as we look at the daily progress and the realization that in just over a year we will all celebrate a remarkable achievement for Leader Dog’s future. We feel GREAT that we were able to be a part of this vital improvement.” ~Ralph Klumpp