Lions Go Above and Beyond Nationwide

By Beth Slade

Published in: Update - Issue 2 - 2015 »   

Lions are doing what they always do when it comes to Leader Dog— spreading the word and raising funds. So far, Lions have contributed $1.36 million to the campaign for the Canine Development Center. Many clubs are making pledge commitments, payable in three or five years, in order to maintain their annual giving amounts. It has been exciting to see pledges come in ranging from the top pledge of $150,000 to be paid over five years from the Wilmington Manor Lions Club in Deleware (district 22-D) to the numerous pledges of $50, $100 and more from clubs around the world.

The Barnesville Lions Club in Minnesota (district 5-M-11) has long supported the mission of Leader Dog. When asked by Leader Dog Chair Ken Bauer for a pledge, they thought outside the box, but not outside the club.

The club pledged $1,500 per year for five years, this is over and above their normal $1,000 annual contribution. Lion Ken announced he would add his own donation spread over five years. Additional members were inspired by his passion for Leader Dog and chimed in with their own individual contributions. The end result? The Barnesville Lions Club have pledged, in total, approximately $18,000! Lion Ken states, “I couldn’t be more pleased and proud of this group.” We concur!

Top Lions Contributions to the Canine Development Center campaign

as of May 1, 2015

  • Wilmington Manor Lions Club, District 22-D (DE) - $150,000
  • Romeo Lions Club, District 11-A2 (MI) - 75,000
  • Rochester Lions Club, District 11-A2 (MI) - 50,000
  • Rochester Hills Lions Club, District 11-A2 (MI) - 50,000
  • Indiana Lions for Leader Dog, MD-25 (IN) - 35,000
  • Shelby Township Lions Club, District 11-A2 (MI) - 30,000
  • Lafayette Lions Club, District 25-C (IN) - 30,000
  • Windsor Downtown Lions Club, District A-1 (Canada) - 25,000
  • Plymouth Lions Club, District 11-A1 (MI) - 25,000
  • Eastpointe Lions Club, District 11-A2 (MI) - 25,000