Want to Enjoy Leader Dog at Work? You Can!

By Dani Landolt

Published in: Update - Issue 1 - 2016 »   
A smiling woman wearing a blindfold walks with a black lab Leader Dog in harness outside on a sidewalk. A man walks next to her holding the Leader Dog's leash

An attendee walks with a Leader Dog in training
during Harness the Power of Leadership.

Did you know that Leader Dog has a corporate partnership program? From sponsorship benefits to employee engagement and training, we can customize our programs for each partner to best fit their needs.

Harness the Power of Leadership

A unique one-day leadership workshop for new and midlevel managers, and crossfunctional or newly-formed teams hosted on Leader Dog’s campus. Based on the principles of the working relationship between a person and their Leader Dog, the training emphasizes communication and clear direction rooted in trust and teamwork. Attendees get to put their new leadership skills into practice during a blindfold walk experience with a Leader Dog.

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Jim Platzer crouches on a stage facing his Leader Dog Mica, who is in harness. Leader Dog Mica's front paws are in Jim's hands

Jim Platzer and LD Mica engage the audience
during a Keynote presentation.

Powerful keynote presentations from Leader Dog clients motivate audiences to see the world and business from a different perspective. Great for employee townhalls, sales meetings and customer meetings, every keynote is specifically tailored to the audience and corporate partner to ensure that the message makes the greatest impact each and every time.

To get your company involved with Leader Dog, contact Dani Landolt, director of corporate relations, at dani.landolt@leaderdog.org or 248/218.6411.