Wolcott Mill Metropark Farm Learning Center

Plan to arrive at 9:45am as the tour of the farm starts at 10:00am with the milking of the cows, after which we will visit other areas.  This is a guided tour with a nominal fee for the tour:  We must guarantee them $45, so if we have at least 15 people it will be $3.00 each and then it will be $3.00 each for anybody else thereafter    We may be able to take the horse drawn wagon ride if they will be hitching up the horses.  There might be a small charge for that.  There are picnic tables available so bring a lunch to enjoy on the farm after the tour!

 Please RSVP wutg tge number of persons coming the the farm.  Please be aware that this year thre will be a booth at the entrance where you will pay a parking fee of $10 unless you have a sitcker for the Metro Parks




65755 Wolcott Road,, Ray, MI  48096

RSVP required?

Sherill and FLD Paz    puprasr@sbcglobal.net

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - 9:45am