Order Promotional Items

The following promotional items are supplied to Lions Clubs and their members who are actively promoting Leader Dogs for the Blind within their club and local community.

How to Order

To order promotional items, submit the Promotional Items Order Form online or call 888-777-5332. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Please keep any leftover promotional items with your club and deplete these materials prior to ordering additional items. Please have one club member store materials for future use.

Promotional Packets

To make the process of fulfilling orders more efficient, we have designed “packets” of items for the most commonly requested types of programs and events.

School or Leo Club Educational Packet (per class)

  • 35 puppy bookmarks
  • 5 pencils
  • 1 Youth Giving brochure
  • 1 general information brochure

This includes one bookmark per student, one ink pen for the teacher and five pencils that may be used as prizes for students who answered questions correctly at the end of the presentation. Pencils may also be used for smaller children who sat quietly during the presentation or remembered to raise their hand.

Senior Citizen Residence Packet (per residence)

  • 30 puppy bookmarks
  • 30 general information brochures

Leader Dog Speaker Packet (per speech)

If you have a speaker from Leader Dog coming to your club meeting, please order the following according to the number of Lions you expect at your meeting.

  • Placemats
  • General information brochures
  • Puppy bookmarks

Booth at Fair or Community Event (per 100 people expected at event)

  • 10 general information brochures (for adults)
  • 25 puppy bookmarks (for children and adults)

Additional Promotional Items

The following items are available in nominal amounts if requested.

  • Blindfolds: These should be ordered only if a blindfold activity is going to take place during the presentation.
  • Quarter Saver Folders: All money collected using quarter saver folders should be sent to Leader Dog in check form. Please do not mail the filled folders to us.
  • Golf Tees: Available for Lions-sponsored golf outings. Please note how many golfers are expected.


Multiple stories about Leader Dogs for the Blind, our dogs and our clients are available upon request.

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