Kennel Redesign Plans Continue

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In a past issue of Update (Issue 1-2013) we shared the exciting news that we started planning for a kennel redesign that would create an environment that optimizes our dogs' experience during their critical four months of training. By providing an environment that promotes human-canine interaction and reduces stress, we can improve the quality of the dogs that lead each day at the sides of our clients.

In August, our board of trustees approved the proposed redesign and we are moving onto the next steps—more detailed design plans and securing funding.

Highlights of the design include:

  • Complete renovation of the entire first floor
  • More space in each bay for training
  • Larger areas for the dogs in a village concept
  • A larger, more interactive puppy activity area
  • Renovated veterinary clinic
  • New visitor entrance with an expanded lobby and community outreach room

We will keep you updated as the project moves forward into 2014.