Recent Graduates

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Classes 13-12, 14-01 and 14-02

NOTE: GDMI stands for Guide Dog Mobility Instructor

You can view pictures of these graduates on our Flickr page.

Class 13-12

GDMI Jenny Sanderson:

  • Melody Goodspeed and Daisy, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Katie Hamilton)
  • Duncan Callum and Dusty, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Denise Genise)
  • Adrienne Haugen and Scotty, golden retriever (puppy raisers: the Dreslinski family/Bart and Julie Hodge)

GDMI Apprentice Rebbie Seifers and GDMI Apprentice Kathryn Roberts:

  • Roberta Archibald and Taylor, black lab (puppy raiser: Marrissa Baney)
  • Jodi Witthaus and Nika, black lab (puppy raiser: Myrna Krajnik)
  • Lindsay Reddick and Mattie (Sparkle), golden retriever (puppy raisers: Shirley and Larry Koebbe)

GDMI Catherine Pallid:

  • Sherry Brockway and Samson, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Paul and Nancy Colombo)
  • Henry Stamm and Reggie, chocolate lab (puppy raiser: Stormie Perez)
  • Holly Carneal and Stella, black lab (puppy raiser: Timothy Scott)
  • Chad Duncan and Perry, black lab (puppy raiser: Amy Stearns)

GDMI Kevin Ihrke:

  • Sam Barnes and Tess, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Nan Nellenbach)
  • Ann Mittelstadt and BelAir, black lab (puppy raiser: Phoebe Larned)
  • Andrew Howe and Dlass, black lab (puppy raiser: Jason Ebelsheiser)

Home deliveries:

  • Marsha Lemery and Tex (Oleta), German shepherd (puppy raisers: Randy and Carol Ann Kirkbride)
  • June Barrett and Daisy, black lab (puppy raiser: Meredith Carson)

Class 14-01

GDMI Denise Atler:

  • Thomas Denman and Kip, black lab (puppy raiser: Susanne Quallich)
  • Teresa Milligan and Amber, golden retriever (puppy raisers: Steve and Mary Landry)
  • Paula Schwieters and Glory, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Amy Schupska)
  • Nathaniel Moore and Sota, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Angela Gregory)

GDMI Christie Bane:

  • Amber Attaway and Macie, black lab (puppy raiser: Renee Medley)
  • Alyssa Henson and Sophie, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Valerie Hyndman)
  • Alexis Finley and Pippa, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Royce Imhoff)
  • Matthew Kruger and Anchor, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Ray Ziegler)

GDMI Carrie Pryce:

  • Jennifer Pascarella and Winter, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Carol Thompson)
  • Kathleen Novak and Quincy, black lab (puppy raiser: Debbie Norman)
  • Sherry Miller and Smitty, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Paul Lietz)

GDMI Paul Meister:

  • Rebecca Lewis and Jonesy, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Tyquandos Harmon)
  • Mark Ketterling and Watson, lab/golden (puppy raiser: Kari Deming)

Home deliveries:

  • Andrea Applebee and Mercy, black lab (puppy raiser: Jennifer Troester)
  • Matthew Pettit and Diezel, black lab (puppy raisers: Diane Scheid, Joseph & Trudy Nowak)
  • Steve Pettratz and Kobi, black lab (puppy raisers: Harold & Carol Owens)

Class 14-02

GDMI Phil Griffin and GDMI Apprentice Alyssa Ozrovitz:

  • Sonja Wagner and Lillian, black lab (puppy raiser: Timothy Pittman)
  • Catherine Reid and Deuce, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Charlie Rose)
  • Cassandra Proud and Sam (Bam Bam), golden retriever (puppy raiser: Cheryl Rice)
  • Antonio Bryant and Josie, black lab (puppy raiser: Jan Van Wolfen)

GDMI Randy Horn:

  • Maria del Mar Marquez Cabrera and Nilla, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Jay Miller)
  • Silvia Borrego Rebollo and Friday, black lab (puppy raiser: Noel Terranova)
  • Maria Aranzazu Ortega Sanchez and Haru, black lab (puppy raiser: Rachel Webber)
  • Natalia Montserrat Roig Olivart and Ace, yellow lab (puppy raiser: Leon Tice)
  • Maria Crescencia Herreros Lozano and Hannah, chocolate lab (puppy raisers: Karen West and Ernie Schmatz)

GDMI Sue Hackman:

  • Linda Laszewski and Lulu, black lab (puppy raiser: Daniel Forton)
  • Lisa Hoskins and Nikko, German shepherd (puppy raiser: Todd Ducsay and Jody Sharrow)
  • Melvin Forster and Zaida, black lab (puppy raiser: Steve Prucher)

Home deliveries:

  • Angela Brummond and Luke, golden retriever (puppy raiser: Tim Craig)
  • Angie Kessinger and Ann, black lab (puppy raiser: Aaron Stinde)
  • Kathy Ratti and Powell, black lab (puppy raisers: Demond Washington and Matt Sandblom)
  • Paul Teranes and Morgan, black lab (puppy raiser: Nancy Clasen)