Letters from our Alumni

A Different Outcome

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From our Facebook page:

When my precious Leader Dog, Jersey, passed away in May my heart was broken and I thought my life would go back to the way it had been before Jersey—using my cane and relying on my husband. However, thanks to Leader Dog's home delivery program, another wonderful Leader Dog, Grace, entered into my life in mid-October.

Thanks to Grace's puppy raisers for a great dog and to Leader Dog who brought her to me and trained us to work together. I am independent and Grace is helping me heal my broken heart

Grace has become my confidante and we have our conversations—which I am sure she understands.

Elizabeth Clark

Dear Leader Dog,

[Someone from Leader Dog] tried to contact me by phone, but apparently I haven't spent much time at home since [Leader Dog] Ziggy moved in with me. The great and wonderful Mr. Ziggy will not let me sit around too much. My confidence is so much better, my comfort level has never been this good and my mobility is getting stronger every day.

The dread I felt when I left my home before I received Ziggy has all but disappeared and in its place is the excitement of discovery. My life is so much better.

Your friend,

Bruce Boyd

Dear Leader Dog,

Leader Dog Lily and I had a good 2012. We celebrated our seventh anniversary on November 4; Lily will turn 9 this coming April. As always she is an incredible guide. She identifies when the escalators are out of commission on our way to work in the morning and automatically guides us to the stairs.

[Last year] I fell during a walk and hit my head. Lily guided me to a friend's house, where I was iced, bandaged and ultimately delivered home safely. My friend said, "I think Lily knew you were in trouble and brought you to my house where you would get help." This made the hair on the back of my neck stand up because I believe it is true.

Lily is a remarkable dog and very attuned to what is going on with my health. People comment frequently on the way she watches me and is ready at a moment's notice to do what is necessary to keep us both safe.

Needless to say she is the love of my life. I thank the staff and volunteers at Leader Dog every day for giving me the opportunity to have such a special girl as Lily.

Barbara Oeschger

Dear Leader Dog,

I recently celebrated my first anniversary with Leader Dog Kira. Kira is my third Leader Dog.

I am the President of the Holt Lions Club and enjoy doing as much as I can with the Lions. If it wasn't for the Lions, I may have never thought about getting a wonderful dog to guide me.

Kira is doing a very good job. She is very patient and has improved quite a lot in the year we have been together. When we are at our Lions Club meetings you wouldn't even know she is under the table. Lots of times I am asked, "Where is Kira?" because she is so quiet.

I lost my sight to Retinitis Pigmentosa in the early 1970s and I have learned that life goes on even if you can't see. [Since then] I really haven't let any grass grow under my feet.

Have a Happy New Year, Lion Jo Ann Sheehan