2011 - The Year in Review

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Welcomed Sue Daniels as our new president and CEO. Sue has been with Leader Dog since 2004 as the chief financial and administrative officer (CFAO). She implemented internal controls, a cost center accounting system, and a budget and financial reporting process to ensure fiscal accountability. Prior to Leader Dog, Sue was the CFAO for the American Red Cross-Southeastern Michigan Chapter. In 2011, Sue received Crain's Detroit Weekly's Nonprofit CFO of the Year Award. "What's different at Leader Dog from other organizations is that you're able to stay in touch with the mission," Sue says. "Our clients reside here during training, so you're literally here with the people that you're serving. It's very motivating."

Built larger enclosures for our dogs. The added space gives them more play time out of the kennel and allows them to exercise and have fun.

Pictured are LDB client Sheila
Rousey and LDB team member
Sarah Johnson

Expanded our already successful location technology program by introducing a new GPS device. This new device saved us $630/client due to its lower cost so we were able to incorporate a free device and training into our accelerated mobility program and we were able to distribute 342 for free to clients in good standing throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Stretching our dollars

  • Retrofitted the lights in the kennel resulting in an annual savings of $30,077
  • Saved $14,000 by changing natural gas supplier
  • Saved $17,000 utilizing new snow removal methods
  • Negotiated electrical rate change resulting in an annual savings of $13,700
  • Saved $8,200 by centralizing the purchasing of cleaning supplies

Welcomed 480 new puppies from our expanded breeding stock of 16 dads and 83 moms.

Certified three new Guide Dog Mobility Instructors (GDMI) as they completed their apprentice programs.
This brings our number of GDMIs to 19 and apprentices to five.

Pictured are Catherine Palid,
Jill Vani and Sue Hackman

The training and client services departments (FY 2010—11):

  • trained 167 guide dog teams = 501,000 days of independence*
  • trained 3 Deaf-Blind guide dog teams = 9,000 days of independence*
  • trained 40 accelerated mobility clients
  • hosted 13 teens at summer camp
  • supported 305 clients in their homes with follow-up services
  • completed 316 potential client inhome visits

*On average each Leader Dog serves 3,000 days

The veterinary department (FY 2010—2011):

Pictured is Dr. Kelly Wilson

  • 477 dog spay/neuters
  • 41 major surgeries
  • 478 entry/training exams
  • 54 specialized dental procedures
  • 2,899 telephone consultations (clients, breeders, vets)
  • 54 onsite working Leader Dog exams
  • 997 breeding/puppy program exams
  • 1,376 procedures done under anesthesia
  • 748 puppy visits
  • 15 Cesarean sections
  • 502 hours served by volunteers (vets, vet techs, assistants and records)