Lions Support Location Technology

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In October, we asked Lions Clubs across the U.S. to make a donation above and beyond their normal giving to help put a Kapten PLUS GPS device into the hands of our clients. The response was amazing! As this issue goes to press, 135 clubs have donated over $51,000, enough to purchase 175 devices.

After several Leader Dog clients visited their club to show firsthand how their Kaptens work, the Plymouth Lions Club (District 11-A1) and the Trenton Lions Club (District 11-A1) each voted to contribute $1,180, the cost of four units.

The Maplewood North Lioness Club (District 5M-6) were looking for a special project when our request arrived in the mail. "The device seemed like a great little tool, so we decided to send you enough to purchase four," explained Club President Patricia Dean.

The North Branch Lions Club (District 11-D2) describes itself as a "small, friendly, fun-loving, hard-working group that consistently lives up to the Lions motto 'We Serve.'" So when several members heard about the GPS device, they recommended that their club use some of the funds from their annual Tractor Pull & Bump and Run Auto Cross Race to purchase four devices.

The Houma La Bonne Terre Lions Club (District 8-S) and the Bloomington Lions Club (District 5-M5) also made significant contributions to this special request.

These are just a few of the Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs who went above and beyond for Leader Dog. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all the clubs that stepped up to help our clients increase their travel independence.