Location Technology Update

What's Happening with GPS

Published in: Update - Issue 2 - 2012 »    Listen to Article ♫

Since 2005 we have provided free GPS devices and training to hundreds of our clients who used the technology to greatly increase their confidence while traveling with a cane or a Leader Dog. In March of 2011 we began distributing free Kapten PLUS GPS devices to all our U.S. and Canadian guide dog clients.

In December, Kapsys, the manufacturer of the Kapten PLUS, stopped production of the devices. We currently have enough Kapten PLUS units in stock to continue to distribute them for free to our guide dog clients through the middle of 2013. In addition, we will continue to provide tech support to our clients who have or will receive a Kapten PLUS from us.

Kapsys is currently testing a new version of the Kapten GPS. Early cost estimates are considerably higher than the Kapten PLUS price of $295 so we are researching possible location technology options to use in the future. We will keep you updated as we move forward in this process.