Leader Dog is a Win-Win for Us

By Bill & Linda Shepherd

Published in: Update - Issue 2 - 2012 »    Listen to Article ♫

Bill and Linda Shepherd with Future
Leader Dog Voodoo.

We are changed people because of our association with Leader Dogs for the Blind. We have found win-win situations in both the volunteering and financial areas of support.

Once Bill retired in 2007, he wondered what he would do with his time (and Linda was wondering the same thing!). What he knew for sure is that he wanted to do something to help others, and hopefully to improve his Spanish language skills as well. Little did he know how splendidly the two would soon come together.

Acting on an invitation presented to his college Spanish class, Bill began volunteering at Leader Dog on April 30, 2009. What a win-win—using his time to help Leader Dog consummate its mission, and benefiting his Spanish skills at the same time.

We also soon became aware of creative opportunities within Leader Dog's personal giving program. We have purchased a two-life Charitable Gift Annuity, thereby becoming founding members of Leader Dog's Legacy Society. This investment enables us to provide needed financial assistance while receiving tax-advantaged interest (at very competitive rates) every year for the rest of our lives. Another "Win-Win"!