Two-Life Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA)

For You, Your Loved One and Leader Dog

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If you are interested in providing an income for both your future and that of a loved one, a Leader Dog Two-Life Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) could be a great investment for you. A Leader Dog CGA supplies a fixed-rate annuity for the lifespan of both individuals establishing the CGA, and provides for the future of Leader Dogs for the Blind.

The annual payment you receive from your CGA depends on several factors:

  • Age at time of investment
  • Amount invested
  • Interest rate at time of investment

Annual payments are guaranteed for the life of both individuals. Your CGA can be designed to pay out annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly—it's your choice.

Other benefits include the ability to claim an income tax charitable deduction for the year your Leader Dog CGA is established, possibly receiving a portion of your annual payment tax-free and becoming eligible for membership in Leader Dog's Legacy Society.

Current two-life rates (effective January 2012):

  • Person 1 Age 65 | Person 2 Age 65–72:
    Rate 4.2–4.4%
  • Person 1 Age 70 | Person 2 Age 70–78:
    Rate 4.6–4.8%
  • Person 1 Age 75 | Person 2 Age 75–86:
    Rate 5.0–5.5%
  • Person 1 Age 80 | Person 2 Age 82–93:
    Rate 5.9–6.5%
  • Person 1 Age 85 | Person 2 Age 85–95+:
    Rate 6.7–7.6%

Note: Information contained in this publication is not intended to represent legal or tax advice or to substitute for such advice. Individuals are urged to consult with their professional advisors when considering charitable planned giving transactions.

For more information on joining the Legacy Society or starting a Charitable Gift Annuity, contact:

Roberta S. Trzos, CFRE, Director of Personal Giving
248-659-5014 or