Prospective Clients

Photo of a man using a white cane walking down a sidewalk toward the camera on a sunny summer day. He is smiling. A female Leader Dog orientation and mobility instructor is slightly behind him, gesturing as though she is speaking while walking

We are very happy that you are considering Leader Dogs for the Blind for your independent travel needs. Whether you would like to improve your orientation and mobility skills, desire to obtain a Leader Dog, want to attend our summer camp for teens, or any combination of these, we are here to assist you.

Ready to apply? There are three steps to pre-application process. First, we will explain the how our application process works. Next, you will find an overview of the required materials and information we will need from you. Finally, you will learn about the video we require from any applicant, new or returning. After the pre-application pages, you will proceed to the application page, where you can begin your application online or download the forms to complete and send by mail.

Begin the pre-application process.