Assistance Dog Loss or Retirement

Are you grieving the loss or impending retirement of your assistance dog? Would you like to participate in a monthly support group by phone with others in the same situation? The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners’ (IAADP) Assistance Dog Loss Committee offers a monthly support group for those who have lost their partner or are grieving due to their assistance dog’s retirement. If interested, email and one of their call facilitators will contact you. Since the committee has no idea how many assistance dog partners may be interested in this monthly group, the first individuals who contact will be serviced first. The College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University also offers a Pet Loss Support Hotline to provide a nonjudgmental outlet for people to express their feelings and concerns when faced with the loss of a cherished animal companion. Call 517-432-2696, 6:30-9:30PM EST, Tuesday through Thursday (or leave a message outside of these hours). Your Leader Dog client services coordinator is also available to assist you at 1-888-777-5332.