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Future Leader Dog Draco, a German shepherd puppy, looks out over the water on a sailboat while being held by a woman also looking out on the waves

FLD Draco recently got to go for a fun ride on
a sailboat with his puppy raisers, Maggie Stach
and Sam Smith.

One of the best places to find current, personal stories from some of the many individuals—our clients, donors, puppy raisers, team members and others—who are part of Leader Dog is our Facebook page at Not only can you read about and view pictures of the people and dogs in the Leader Dog community, but you can join in the fun as well! Since our Facebook page is a gathering place for a wide variety of people who care about Leader Dog, it is an excellent place to ask questions (volunteers, team members and supporters are almost always on hand to answer), congratulate clients as they graduate each month, and share your own experiences with the community (dog pictures are especially popular!).

For brief updates on Leader Dog events; news about us, guide dogs and the community of people who are blind; and tidbits about the goings-on here on campus or wherever Leader Dog team members are around the world, you can follow us on Twitter as well at

Only interested in pictures? Visit our Flickr page at to see photos of events here on campus and team photos of our clients and Leader Dogs going back to 2009.