Jeff Senge

Leader Dog is a first class organization and you can be proud of all those who work to support its mission.

Lori Dent

Leo has become such an important part of my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t find a reason to love my dog

Charlotte Legare

Having Leader Dog “Tobias” in my life is amazing, rewarding, challenging and my days are filled with smiles and laughter at his antics.

Kim Becker

I found out at the end of 2007 at 48 years old that I had an eye condition and my eyesight disappeared fast after that. Life will be different (with Gracie Mae) just because of the independence - having it back.

William Herzler

I was mobile before but now it’s like being on cruise control. I’m not afraid to hold the harness and go across the airport. It’s more crucial than ever for me to have a Leader Dog because I now have hearing loss in my right ear and my dog helps because I don’t always hear a car that’s approaching.

Anthony Trent

I am not totally blind, but there are things that I know I can’t see. A cane doesn’t guarantee that I will miss an oncoming car, but [Leader Dog] Zoey will be able to ensure that I stop.

Gary Helsing

With Hoosier, I’m going to be able to travel so much safer. I’ll be able to hold my head up high and be proud to know my dog is keeping me safe and that we’re representing Leader Dog.

Earl Dickey

It’s been beautiful working with Abel. He amazes me.

James Lockwood

In high school I didn’t have a Leader Dog and I wasn’t very social. Then I got my first dog, Scout, and he got me through college.

Heather Villegas

Getting your first dog – is like lightning. The ability to walk with confidence, to hold your head up, to walk down the sidewalk and not be afraid – it’s a ‘WOW!’