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Blindness can slow you down. Free services from Leader Dog make people unstoppable.

Millions of people are blind or visually impaired and don't have the means to travel independently. Our programs are designed to change that. The next step starts here.


Leader Dog's programs give people the tools, skills and confidence to travel independently. Our Orientation and Mobility (white cane skills) and Guide Dog programs are for people 16 or older whose daily travel is impacted by vision loss. Teen Summer Camp and Youth Orientation and Mobility are for teens 16 and 17. All our programs are free. If vision loss is holding you back, we can help.

Leader Dog is 100% philanthropically funded. We believe everyone living with vision loss deserves access to the services they need to travel safely and confidently, so all our programs are provided at $0 cost to our clients. We rely on the generosity of people like you who share our mission to empower people who are blind to change their lives through independent travel.

Our mission is empowering people who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills for safe and independent daily travel.

A woman in a black coat with long brown hair smiles with her eyes closed with her head against a yellow lab in Leader Dog harness facing her.

Blindness changes everything.

The loss of sight is only the beginning of a life-changing reality. As even simple everyday tasks become daunting, people with vision loss often become depressed, anxious and isolated. When blindness strips away the ability to safely leave the house, people often don't know where to turn for services, how long they will have to wait for services, or how much those services might cost.

Only 1 in 10 people who are blind travel safely and independently with a white cane or a guide dog.

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Arabella had lost a lot of confidence after being declared legally blind. She found herself sitting at home, even though she wanted to get out and explore her city because there were so many things to do. Leader Dog Ayla is the door that opened that world to her.

"My declining vision prompted me to leave my job as a veterinary technician and move to an ophthalmology office. But getting Ayla inspired me to return to veterinary work as a clinic manager, which allows me to do what I love, which is caring for animals!"

Why Leader Dog?

Leader Dog is the answer for thousands of people in critical need of services to regain travel independence. Due to the shortage of state-supplied services, we developed our own Orientation and Mobility program to address the need for people to learn how to safely use a white cane. We believe every person deserves equal opportunity for independent travel, so all of our services are provided at no cost.

Services Now Available in Spanish

We are expanding our free Guide Dog and Orientation & Mobility (O&M) programs to people residing in the United States and Canada who prefer receiving training in Spanish. 

Estamos ampliando nuestros programas gratuitos de Perros Guía y de Orientación y Movilidad (O&M) a personas que residen en los Estados Unidos y Canadá y que prefieren recibir capacitación en español. 

Five female puppy raisers with their dogs stand in front of a group of colorful kayaks.

New Volunteer Options for Puppy Raisers

We added new ways that people can volunteer to be a puppy raiser. Along with the traditional, one-household model, you can now choose to co-raise a puppy with someone else, raise a puppy for a shorter timespan, and other options. See if one is right for you!

A man sits on a low wall next to a sidewalk hugging a yellow lab in harness. The man is leaning forward with his head touching the dog's head. The Paws 365 logo is displayed on the left side of the picture

Become a Monthly Sustainer

When you choose to donate monthly, you become a member of our Paws 365 community. Paws 365 was established for the people who are dedicated to sustaining the Leader Dog mission through their continued support. We would love to welcome you to the Paws 365 community!

How You Can Help

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Explore Ways to Give

Your gift today is what makes it possible for someone to walk with confidence and independence tomorrow. There are many ways to support Leader Dog. See which one is right for you.

Cathy and FLD Kenya on path - photo by M Valenti

Raise a Puppy

There’s no doubt what our puppies want to be when they grow up, but they need your help. As a volunteer puppy raiser, you’ll be the foundation a puppy needs to become a Leader Dog. And together, you’ll help someone who is blind or visually impaired live a life of freedom, safety and happiness.

Justin lies on a white couch with blue and white striped backing. He's cuddling a yellow lab puppy

Host a Breeding Dog

Hosting a breeding dog is a unique volunteer opportunity that invites you to bring a mom or dad dog into your family for the length of their breeding career—and beyond! Once your breeding mom or dad retires, they become a permanent member of your family.

sponsor puppy black lab

Sponsor a Leader Dog Puppy

You can symbolically sponsor a Leader Dog puppy and help build the foundation for our future puppies and their guide dog careers.

A group of four people and one dog standing and smiling at a camera to the side

Host a Fundraiser

Raise money, spread awareness of Leader Dog and engage with the people around you all at the same time. Your awesome fundraising idea could be the next thing that helps someone who is blind walk with confidence.

Spring Leader Dog gift shop items

Shop Leader Dog Gear

Like the dogs we train, our goal is to be a leader. Dedicated donor support, such as purchasing items from this store, allows us to provide our programs at no cost to our clients.

Empower More Teams like Ian and Cora

"I was a prisoner in my own home for 2.5 years until I came to Leader Dog for [Orientation and Mobility] training, which gave me the confidence to come back for a guide dog. Now with Cora, I'll feel even more confident."

Give the gift of independence.

Man smiling with his arms around a black lab Leader Dog

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Taking the Lead is a podcast where we take a deep dive into the blindness community. Join us on this journey as we learn, laugh and make a difference in people's lives!

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Virtual Learning

We have virtual learning opportunities for our graduates, people thinking about applying for services, family and friends of people who are blind, and blind rehabilitation professionals.

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Puppy Raising

We offer free, online info sessions every month for people interested in raising a puppy. If you'd like to hear about what being a puppy raiser is like, join us for an upcoming session!

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Breeding Host

We offer free, online info sessions every month for people interested in hosting a breeding dog. Join us for an upcoming session to find out more about becoming a breeding host!

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Collaboration Events

Collaboration Events spotlight other organizations within the blindness and low vision field to learn about the services they provide. These virtual, monthly events are open to anyone!

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Support the summer of HOPE fund

Volunteer Puppy Raisers Needed

A black Labrador puppy with a Future Leader Dog bandana sitting over grass.

Future Leader Dogs are waiting to go home with their raisers, apply today!